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Q&A with Athlete A producer Jennifer Sey

Inside Gymnastics spoke with Jennifer Sey about the first Athlete A virtual panel discussion and her unrelenting resolve to educate coaches, parents, athletes and NGBs about preventing the abusive culture in order to create sustainable change within the sport.

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Heavy Medals: Inside the Karolyi Gymnastics Empire – Our Interview with ESPN senior writer Alyssa Roenigk

Heavy Medals: Inside the Karolyi Gymnastics Empire makes its debut Tuesday, July 14. The seven-episode podcast series takes a sweeping look at the influence of Romanian-born coaches, Bela and Martha Karolyi, and, in turn, the transformation of USA Gymnastics over the past four decades. Inside Gymnastics went behind the scenes with ESPN senior writer Alyssa Roenigk to learn more.

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Jennifer Sey Shares Her Perspective on the Current State of U.S. Gymnastics

USAG has not really done anything meaningful. Everything they have done has been done under duress, with their backs against the wall. They have to be forced. The U.S. Olympic Committee said everyone needs to resign [from the Board of Directors], or we’re decertifying you. They didn’t take that action upon themselves. They closed the Ranch only when Simone Biles said she didn’t want to go back to the scene of the crime.

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