“Aly is focused on all the things that make gymnasts more than just that—a gymnast. From gardening, to meditation, to nurturing our mental health just as much as our physical health, Aly and all of us are eager to offer a well-rounded camp experience that will teach campers life lessons that transcend gymnastics.”


Woodward Camp first opened its literal barn doors as a modest gymnastics camp in rural Pennsylvania back in 1970—which means they celebrated their 50th anniversary just last year! And while the old barn still stands, a lot has changed in five decades. Today, they have not only expanded Woodward PA campus to feature over 50,000 square feet of gym facilities, but also expanded to 12 multi-season Woodward locations across North America. Their two flagship gymnastics camps include the original location in Pennsylvania and Woodward West in Tehachapi, California. Together, these camps offer over 89,000 total square feet of dedicated gymnastics space for all levels of gymnastics. 

And as the foundation of Woodward’s ever-evolving brand, their gymnastics program takes great pride in its world-class campuses, experienced staff, and storied history to deliver a unique camp experience that is unrivaled in the gymnastics community. With facilities that are updated every summer and the opportunity for campers to meet friends from across a wide range of interests—like skateboarding and cheer to BMX and parkour—Woodward is not just a gymnastics camp, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience! 

What are the traditions of Woodward Camp? What can athletes expect to experience? 

Woodward’s 50 years of camp runs deep with tradition. From the moment you step on campus, you can feel the energy and excitement that surrounds everything we do. From the original gymnastics barn still located in the middle of Woodward PA’s campus, to the stunning mountain vistas surrounding Woodward West, our campers, staff and visitors all agree that there’s a sort of magic residing here. 

But, two of our biggest staples are our visiting coaches and visiting teams programs. We offer unparalleled educational opportunities to all coaches, providing daily clinics on skill development, progressions, teaching techniques and more to each participant. 

And every summer, more and more gymnastics clubs take advantage of the special privileges offered by our visiting teams program. Not only does Woodward Camp take great pride in providing an outstanding training experience for visiting teams, but also keeps the culture focused on fun. Large teams even get added benefits—from team pizza parties to the chance to win golf cart access during their week at camp.   

Can you describe a typical day in the world of Woodward Camp? 

Woodward offers the ability to be in the gym for over seven hours a day with one mandatory practice and two optional practices to hone in on goals. Outside of the gym we offer recreational activities such as horseback riding, bowling, go karts, the ropes course, arts and crafts, gardening, swimming and more. From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you turn the lights out, Camp Woodward promises to offer nothing short of a fun and unforgettable time. 

Tell us about your top-notch staff! 

Where to begin? Our coaches come from all over the world. From private club and college coaches to medal-winning athletes, we couldn’t do this without our amazing staff. On top of it, campers will, also, be coached by our VIPs. From NCAA-level to the world stage, we’ve been proud to host the likes of Madison KocianKyla Ross, Svetlana Boguinskaia, Danell Leyva, Jake Dalton, Katelyn Ohashi, Felicia Hano, Kennedy Baker and more over the years. Oh, and this is probably a good time to highlight the fact that our gymnastics program is now designed by none other than three-time gold medalist Aly Raisman

Which brings us to the next question! Earlier this year, Raisman announced her partnership with Woodward Camp—tell us more her new role! 

Yes! Gold medal gymnast and advocate Aly Raisman has partnered with Camp Woodward to elevate the gymnastics program for the next generation of aspiring athletes. Aly brings her commitment to athlete safety to the table—a commitment that Woodward shares and has led to a partnership with Prevent 360°, a collaborative child abuse prevention initiative with child safety leaders, Darkness to Light and the Monique Burr Foundation for Children

Additionally, Aly is focused on all the things that make gymnasts more than just that—a gymnast. From gardening, to meditation, to nurturing our mental health just as much as our physical health, Aly and all of us are eager to offer a well-rounded camp experience that will teach campers life lessons that transcend gymnastics. 

What are some of the safety features of Woodward Camp that athletes and families can appreciate? 

At Woodward, we realize that building the proper progression tools are key to safety in all sports, especially gymnastics. Upon arrival, campers’ skills are evaluated so each gymnast can be placed in a group complimenting his or her skill level. 

But safety doesn’t stop with instruction. As previously mentioned, we’ve introduced training with child-protection industry leaders Darkness to Light through our new partnership with Aly. With all staff now required to complete their Stewards of Children® training, Woodward is committed to bringing a new level of standards to the industry with the mission of educating and empowering every staff member. 

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