Per USA Gymnastics, the following email was sent Monday, March 28 to USA Gymnastics’ elite women’s gymnastics community about a change to the structure of the high performance team.

Dear Women’s Elite Community,

As all of you know, USA Gymnastics’ Women’s High Performance Director position came open at the end of last year. At that time, USA Gymnastics posted the position and began the process of evaluating how we would fill the role.

Putting together a group that included staff, coaches, and athletes, and soliciting feedback from a wide spectrum of people in the gymnastics community, we evaluated our needs, goals, and long-term vision for the program. While in the past USA Gymnastics employed a model that put a single person at the head of the program in a role that was coach, manager, strategist, and leader, it became clear to us that such a model is not realistic or effective in the current environment.

The drawbacks of the model were clear: in addition to the challenge of finding one person who could be all things to all facets of the program, it created either the perception or reality of one person having total control over the program and National Team athletes. Such control – whether real or perceived – is not healthy or balanced for athletes or for the sport. Those perceptions also put untenable pressure on a single person.

To ensure the long-term strength of the women’s program, it is vital that we establish a cohesive program and consistent pipeline in which all phases of development work with each other. To have a program that cultivates successful, healthy, and sustainable teams from first entering the elite program through National Team, USA Gymnastics is restructuring its women’s artistic elite program to include a team of three equitable roles, which are now posted on the USA Gymnastics’ website. All three roles will report to the Vice President of Women’s Gymnastics, who will be responsible for overall oversight and management of the program. Listed alphabetically, those roles are:

  • High Performance Developmental Lead.This position will oversee the developmental program and camps, facilitating an athlete’s initial introduction and progression to the elite program. Broad focus will be on the Hopes, TOPS, and junior developmental program as well as talent identification.
  • High Performance Strategic Lead.In conjunction with the High Performance team and the VP of Women’s Gymnastics, the Strategic Lead provides the strategic planning and execution that guides the overall direction of the High Performance Program. This position will be focused on the program as a whole and the strategy for the National Team while also making the holistic development of individual athletes, physically and mentally, a top priority.
  • High Performance Technical Lead.This position provides the technical and coaching oversight of the High Performance Program and will be a technical expert in training, competition, and performance. The Technical Lead will direct training and development at National Team camps and clinics and travel to clubs around the country to help facilitate streamlined implementation of USAG High Performance strategy, serving as a resource to the elite gymnastics community.

We understand that there has been intense speculation about the program, and we appreciate your patience. The development of this new model began to materialize in February. We believe it will provide further continuity to USA Gymnastics’ High Performance programs while establishing sustainable success based on a cohesive model.

All three positions will be open until they are filled. For full job descriptions, please visit

Thank you for your continued commitment to the program, whether you are an athlete, coach, gym owner, judge, or member. The personal and professional investment you make every day in the sport of gymnastics and its athletes is what propels the sport. We are looking forward to working with you in this next phase of the women’s program.

Very best,

Stefanie Korepin

Chief Programs Officer

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