by Anna Rose Johnson

Hoping to catch up on all the latest gymnastics videos from this busy week? We’ve got you covered! Check out five top social media videos that we know you won’t want to miss!

Photo by: Grace Chiu

1 – MyKayla Skinner’s Triple-Double

As she said in our recent interview, MyKayla Skinner is working on adding a triple-twisting double back to her repertoire! Simone Biles performed this unbelievably difficult skill at Championships, and Jade Carey soon posted a video in which she performs a triple-double of her own. Now Skinner has followed in their footsteps—will she compete it in 2020 (or sooner)?

2 – And Yet Another Triple-Double!

…and Skinner is not the only one to follow suit! WOGA’s Skye Blakely also posted a video in which she trains a triple-double! With this become the next “it” skill for the U.S. women, like the Amanar vault in 2012?

3 – Flipping into Football Season!

The new Arkansas Women’s Head Coach, Jordyn Wieber performed a jaw-dropping set of back handsprings to kick off the football season!

4 – The Magnificence of Memmel

2008 Olympic silver medalist Chellsie Memmel has been blowing everyone away with her incredible training videos! In each video she posts on social media, Memmel showcases a fabulous skill or combination that she’s been working on, and they’re creating a huge buzz. Now, fans are clamoring for her to make a comeback—and we’d love to see that, too!

You can check out the video HERE!

5 – Amazing Grace

Speaking of Amanar vaults, a video of Grace McCallum training the coveted 2 ½-twisting yurchenko appeared online recently! As one of the top all-arounders in the U.S. right now, McCallum will boost her scoring potential even more if she competes this vault at Worlds—and it also increases her chances of medaling in the all-around final!

Check it out HERE!