Photo of Flavia Saraiva (BRA) by Ricardo Bufolin


Inside Gymnastics 2019 Annual Readers’ Choice Awards! 


Shane Wiskus, USA


Each year, we ask #InsideNation to share your favorites from the year! Here’s how you voted!

Favorite U.S. Women’s Team Member:

  1. Sunisa Lee
  2. Simone Biles
  3. Morgan Hurd

Favorite U.S. Men’s Team Member:

  1. Sam Mikulak
  2. Yul Moldauer
  3. Donnell Whittenburg

Favorite Women’s International Competitor:

  1. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos
  2. Aliya Mustafina
  3. Ellie Black

Favorite Women’s NCAA Competitor:

  1. Kyla Ross
  2. Madison Kocian
  3. Maggie Nichols

Favorite 2019 Cover of Inside Gymnastics:

  1. Team USA Women (December)
  2. Morgan Hurd (April)
  3. Miss Val (Jan/Feb)

Favorite Men’s International Competitor:

  1. Nikita Nagornyy
  2. Kohei Uchimura
  3. Max Whitlock

Favorite Women’s NCAA Team to Watch:

  1. The University Of California, Los Angeles
  2. University of Oklahoma
  3. Louisiana State University

Favorite Men’s NCAA Competitor:

  1. Shane Wiskus
  2. Justin Ah Chow
  3. Cameron Bock

Favorite Men’s NCAA Team to Watch:

  1. University of Oklahoma
  2. University of Michigan
  3. Stanford University

Favorite Moment from the 2019 World Championships:

  1. Simone Biles setting the record for winning a historic 25 world medals!
  2. Team Italy Women winning bronze!
  3. Downie sisters each winning a medal in event finals!

Favorite “Comeback” to Follow (From injury or a return to competition):

  1. Laurie Hernandez
  2. MyKayla Skinner
  3. Aliya Mustafina

Favorite Male Gymnast of All Time:

  1. Kohei Uchimura 
  2. Sam Mikulak
  3. Fabian Hambuchen

Gymnast you think will be a breakout star in 2020:

  1. Sunisa Lee
  2. Olivia Greaves
  3. Kayla Dicello

Favorite Gymnastics Movie/TV Show

  1. Stick It
  2. Make It or Break It
  3. Full Out

Gymnast you most want to have coffee with:

  1. Simone Biles
  2. Morgan Hurd
  3. Sunisa Lee

Favorite Floor Choreography (Gymnast Currently Competing):

  1. Morgan Hurd
  2. Brooklyn Moors
  3. Flavia Saraiva

Favorite Female Gymnast of All Time:

  1. Simone Biles
  2. Aly Raisman
  3. Shawn Johnson

Gymnast You Would Most Love Inside Gymnastics to Interview:

  1. Sunisa Lee
  2. Simone Biles
  3. Aliya Mustafina

Favorite Floor Routine/Performance of All Time (Gymnast and Year):

  1. Simone Biles 2019
  2. Aly Raisman 2016
  3. Laurie Hernandez 2016

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