The Queen Is In the Building! Biles Captures 9th U.S. All-Around Crown | 2024 Xfinity U.S. Championships

The Queen Is In the Building! Biles Captures 9th U.S. All-Around Crown | 2024 Xfinity U.S. Championships

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THE QUEEN IS IN THE BUILDING. There was an air surrounding Simone Biles in Antwerp at the 2023 World Championships. In the end, her status in the sport as the Greatest of All Time was not only secured, but rose to a level we may never again see in gymnastics. Unparalleled in her performance, and back on the world stage once again—this time on her own terms—Biles left the 2023 World Championships as a 30-time medalist, upping her own dominant game to 37 total in World and Olympic competition. It was unprecedented and historic, with the energy and emotion of the entire Championship captured as The Queen once again took her place atop the podium. 

Biles first returned to the competition floor at the 2023 Core Hydration Classic in August and looked as if she never left, sending her Yurchenko double pike into the stratosphere, winning by over five points, and all-but silencing anyone who ever questioned her ability to be the absolute best in the world once again. Three weeks later at the Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Biles looked absolutely undeniable, capturing a record eighth All-Around crown—her smile and her joy back. 

Because of that and the legacy that preceded her, her All-Around quest in Antwerp was framed by the highest of global expectations and elevated to a level of excitement that only a competitor like Biles brings to the floor. In a moment seen around the world that led the capacity crowd on their feet, many in tears, Biles captured her sixth World All-Around title. It was a competition for the ages—the bar raised by Biles herself and her competitors as well. 

As she hit her final pose on floor, the score was nothing more than a mere formality. There was simply an aura around Biles from the get-go, almost as if she was performing in a dream. Except this was real, complete with a standing ovation, a few tears on the podium (though she later said she had something in her eye) and once again, gold. Yes, this was Biles on her own terms. Trusting herself in a dominating and record breaking performance that may well never be matched. Heading into Paris, Biles is the frontrunner for All-Around glory at the Games, and all signs indicate she’ll once again be poised to capture the starring role. Her legacy in the sport is secure and second to none. She is the absolute best in the world and the absolute best athlete this sport has ever seen in women’s competition. 

In Antwerp, her competition was about one more title, one more moment on her terms—standing centerfloor and taking her place in history once again while relishing the experience itself. “The gold medal means everything. It means strength, courage, the fight, tenacity,” she said following the All-Around. “It has been such a long journey to get back here and feel comfortable and confident to compete again. I won my first worlds here 10 years ago and now today again, so that’s really special.” 

Her 2024 debut and decisive win in Hartford at the Core Hydration Classic left no doubt she’s ready for the Games. In Fort Worth at the Xfinity U.S. Championships, she won her ninth U.S. All-Around title by nearly 6 points (119.750) and swept every event title. At 27, she’s never been better.

“I use the phrase ‘aging like fine wine’. “I thought it was molting a while ago, but it’s just getting better and better. So we’ll see,” she said in response to being asked by the AP if she thought she was getting better. “Hopefully, we get to ride this out for the rest of the year. So pretty excited about that… Cecile and Laurent, and they know exactly where we need to be and when we need to be there. So I think it just goes back to training and how we train in the gym. It just correlates to how we compete.”

Yes, The Queen is in the building and headed to Minneapolis for Olympic Trials. And as long as her road to Paris is on her terms, no matter the outcome, she’ll be golden.

Skye Blakely won All-Around silver with a combined 113.850, followed by Kayla DiCello who earned bronze with a 110.800. 2020 Olympic All-Around Champion Suni Lee placed fourth in the all-around with a 110.650.

The 2024 USA Gymnastics Senior Women’s National Team Presented by Xfinity was named Sunday evening after the event.

2024 USA Gymnastics Senior Women’s National Team Presented by Xfinity

  • Simone Biles — Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre
  • Skye Blakely — Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
  • Jade Carey — Phoenix, Ariz./Oregon State University
  • Dulcy Caylor — Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre
  • Jordan Chiles — Vancouver, Wash./World Champions Centre
  • Kayla DiCello — Boyds, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics
  • Shilese Jones — Auburn, Wash./Ascend Gymnastics Center
  • Suni Lee — St. Paul, Minn./Midwest Gymnastics Center
  • Kaliya Lincoln — Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
  • Eveylynn Lowe — Blue Springs, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express
  • Zoey Molomo — Frisco, Texas/Metroplex Gymnastics
  • Hezly Rivera — Oradell, N.J./WOGA Gymnastics
  • Joscelyn Roberson — Texarkana, Texas/World Champions Centre
  • Simone Rose — Sammamish, Wash./Pacific Reign Gymnastics
  • Tiana Sumanasekera — Pleasanton, Calif./World Champions Centre
  • Leanne Wong — Overland Park, Kan./University of Florida
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