By Anna Rose Johnson

The Countdown is On!

After a year-long delay, we’re finally here! And as we inch closer and closer to the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, teams are getting pumped for their competition! We’re loving watching the athletes celebrate their arrivals (or near-arrivals!) in Tokyo with early training sessions, a few out and about photo ops, and generally just enjoying the excitement an Olympic Games always brings. And even better, they’re sharing the experience with their fans on social media!

  1. Canada Plants Their Roots!

Oh, Canada! A day after arriving in Japan, Team Canada commemorated the occasion with a tree planting ceremony in Yokkaichi, the area where they are training before the Games. A maple tree, Canada’s official arboreal emblem, was planted next to a Japanese cherry tree in a show of unity. Credit: Gymnastics Canada

2. France’s Day Off

The French team had fun visiting Suma Rikyu Park on their day off! Located in the Japanese city of Kobe, the park includes super-cool features such as a botanical garden, a greenhouse, and fountains. Credit: Fédération Française de Gymnastique

  1. First Training in the Books!

The British team enjoyed a “good first session in Tokyo,” according to an Instagram post from Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova, twin sisters who both made the Olympic team. Credit: Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova


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  1. Simone Selfies!

Simone Biles posted this super-cute selfie of her and USA teammate MyKayla Skinner with the exciting caption of TOKYO BOUND! Credit: Simone Biles


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  1. Good Atmosphere for Germany

The German team enjoyed their time at a training camp in Jōetsu as they acclimated to Japan. Along with training sessions, they got to have a bit of fun outside as well. “The atmosphere is wonderful, as is the team behind us,” Elisabeth Seitz posted on Instagram. Credit: Elisabeth Seitz


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  1. Vaulting into Tokyo

Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan is gearing up for her 8th Olympic Games (how incredible is that?) and she’s already started training in Tokyo! Credit: Oksana Chusovitina


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  1. Smiles from Team USA!

The U.S. women at their first day of training in Tokyo, with awesome patriotic leotards. Credit: Sunisa Lee

  1. Bravo to Brazil!

This photo shared by Brazil’s Francisco Barretto Junior shows the Brazilian team getting prepped for Tokyo!  Credit: Francisco Barretto Junior


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9.   Strike a Pose!

Team NED arrived in style as usual! We can’t wait to see their stunning presentation and what they come up with for their team introduction! Credit: Eythora Thorsdottir

10.  Forster On Facebook

U.S. Women’s High Performance Coordinator Tom Forster is posting daily on his Facebook page, keeping us updated on the team’s schedule and behind-the-scenes!

Header Photo Credit: Gymnastics Canada.

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