By Anna Rose Johnson

We’ve caught up with U.S. World Team Champion Grace McCallum ahead of this weekend’s American Cup to chat about her goals for Greensboro, what it was like to win World gold, and more! McCallum’s elegant lines and fabulous floor routines are just a few of the reasons that she’s been a fan favorite since her junior days. In addition to winning World gold with her team last fall in Doha, McCallum also won the 2018 Pacific Rim and 2018 Pan American senior all-around titles, and we can’t wait to see what else she will accomplish in her gymnastics career!

Photo by Grace Chiu

Inside Gymnastics: What are your goals for the American Cup?
Grace: I would just like to go out and hit clean quality routines, improving my execution scores from last year.

Inside: Are you working on any new skills? Will you debut any of them in Greensboro?
Grace: [My coaches and I] have decided to do nice clean routines from last year, and wait till summer season to put in my upgrades. I will be debuting a new floor routine, which I am very excited for everyone to see.

Inside: How has life changed since you won World gold?
Grace: It hasn’t really changed. I am still the same Grace. I have lots of goals that I want to achieve, so I just keep working hard in the gym every day.

Inside: What was the World Championships experience like?
Grace: It was unreal! All of the girls were super supportive, and we were always having fun, while working hard at the same time. It was really nice to have Simone [Biles], because she always knew what was going on. If we ever had any questions, we knew we could always go to her.

Inside: What are your goals for the rest of 2019?
Grace: I want to continue improving my execution score on the skills I have currently and continue to improve my difficulty by putting in upgrades for summer season. I want to show Team USA that they can always count on me to hit my routines whenever I am needed. I would love to make the Worlds team again and compete in the all-around!

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