We recently caught up with USA’s Jade Carey, a rising star from Oasis Gymnastics in Peoria, Arizona. This 16-year-old made headlines last year when her vault, a tucked Kasamatsu full, was named after her in the J.O. Code of Points. Here’s what she has to say about national team camps, the gymnasts she looks up to, and more.
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Inside Gymnastics: Tell us a little about yourself and your gymnastics career!
Jade Carey: I started bouncing on the trampoline before I could walk. I also enjoy four-wheeling and archery. Gymnastics has always been a fun journey for me and I am excited for future adventures in this sport.

Inside: How has your training been going?
Jade: It has been going well. I have been working hard to upgrade my skills and polish my routines.

Inside: Tell us about being invited to the national team camps!
Jade: I feel really honored to be invited to train amongst such talented hard working athletes.

Inside: When will your next competition be?
Jade: I am not sure when my next competition will be; I just know that I am looking forward to competing because it is something I really enjoy.

Inside: What are your goals for 2017?
Jade: I would like the chance to represent the United States at an international competition.

Inside: What are your long-term gymnastics goals?
Jade: My goal is to make the national team and continue to challenge myself.

Inside: What are some of your favorite competition memories?
Jade: When I competed at [the 2016] J.O. Nationals, I got a vault named after me in the Junior Olympic Code and [received] a 10.0 on vault.

Inside: Who are some gymnasts that you admire?
Jade: Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, and Shawn Johnson.

Inside: What’s your favorite apparatus?
Jade: Vault.

Inside: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Jade: I am really thankful for my family, coaches, and teammates for all the support they give me.

Image courtesy of Brian Carey

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