We took a moment after training to chat with our February 2018 50 Most Artistic Cover Star (and future UCLA Bruin) Brooklyn Moors!

Photos by Grace Chiu

Tell us about being here at Worlds, one year away from the Olympics…

It’s pretty crazy. It’s amazing to be out here with such an amazing group of girls. We bond like we never have before; we’re kind of like sisters. So, it’s helpful when we’re just here together and cheering each other on. It’s pretty incredible.

With the Olympics being so close, does that kind of change the dynamic as far as your mindset?

We’ve had the same goal and mindset to qualify the team to the Olympics. I think right now, just doing our routines and seeing what we need to fix or things we can change and yes, we’ll see from there.

Does one person do the choreography for the whole team or does everyone have their own individual choreographer in Canada?

Everyone else has their own individual… just our coaches or choreographers.

Who choreographed your routine?

Elvira (Saadi) obviously did most of it and I have another choreographer and she also helped out.

How much say do you get in that process? Are you active in that or how does it work?

It’s a very long process I will say [laughs]. It took me months and I still change it every day. Even today, it will probably change by tomorrow [laughs]. I always add my own little flair to things. I’ve done it since I was little, just add things here and there. I’ve never done the same floor routine twice.

How old were you when you first started training the Podkopayeva?

I’ve always been more of a front tumbler and people would always say, ‘Maybe you should start more back tumbling because in the future you’re going to need that more.’ I kind of changed that around and wanted to kind of put that forward and be unique I guess. So it paid off.

Do you remember how old you were when you first started training it?

I’m not sure. Maybe 14 or 15. It was a difficult process.

What was it like building up to that? It’s such a crowd-pleasing skill, people love it!

It was pretty tough to learn and just know the timing because my coach had never taught someone that and she’s very experienced, too. It was kind of fun for us to figure out ways to get the skill and things like that. It was interesting. [Laughs]

What made you decide to commit to UCLA?

For me, I’ve known a few gymnasts who have gone there and I know the coaches pretty well, so it felt like home to me. I didn’t really have my eye on any other schools. I’m really looking forward to it and the new experience because I didn’t really get that high school experience or whatever. I go to do my classes online but I’m always training. I’m hoping that will be fun and I’ll get to do gymnastics on kind of a fun note.

Looking Back: Moors in Montreal

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