by Anna Rose Johnson

2014 U.S. National junior champion Jazmyn Foberg has started the next chapter in her gymnastics career: her NCAA career as a freshman at the University of Florida. Noted for her expressive finesse, Foberg’s junior career included many impressive accolades in addition to her P&Gs victory three years ago. Due to injuries, she made the decision to join the Florida team a year early, and gymnastics fans are eagerly awaiting her first competition as a Gator. In this quick Q&A, Jazmyn gives us an update on her training and goals for her first NCAA season:

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Inside Gymnastics: How is your training going in general? Are you training new skills for the season?
Jazmyn Foberg: Training is going really well. I’m not training any new skills, but I’m working on perfecting my old ones.

Inside: What are some of the reasons you chose Florida?
Jazmyn: I chose Florida for the academics, the gymnastics team, and the weather. I just love Florida.

Inside: What are you most looking forward to as a Florida student and a collegiate gymnast?
Jazmyn: I’m looking forward to working in a team atmosphere and working with the girls. As a student, I’m looking to be a part of the whole campus experience.

Inside: What are your goals for your first season?
Jazmyn: My goals are to help contribute to the team as they seek to win a NCAA Championship.

Inside: Do you think you’ll be doing all-around this season?
Jazmyn: I’m training all four events. It is up to the coaches [to decide] who is in what lineup, but I am hopeful to be in the all-around.

Inside: What do you think was the highlight of your elite career?
Jazmyn: The highlight of my elite career was going to my first P&G Championships and winning the all-around.

Inside: What was it like to train at MG Elite?
Jazmyn: At MG, it was really fun but also really serious at the same time. Maggie was a great coach and I loved training with all the girls and her.

Inside: What are some of your gymnastics memories that stick out in your mind?
Jazmyn: The first one is obviously winning P&Gs. The second one would be making the U.S. National Team. The third one would be getting my first assignment in Italy.

Inside: Do you think you’ll ever return to elite?
Jazmyn: I haven’t really thought that far ahead, but I’m really enjoying my college experience.

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