SPIETH America announces the extension of partnership endorsement with Kim Zmeskal and the Kim Zmeskal’s Texas Prime Meet

Saint John’s, Mi – Today, SPIETH America announces the extension of our partnership endorsement with Kim Zmeskal. Along with the Kim Zmeskal’s Texas Prime Meet, an official qualifier for the 2020 Nastia Lukin Cup, this three-time World Champion and 1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist is one of the most decorated athletes and coaches in gymnastics history.

“I am thrilled to extend my partnership with Spieth America as we journey through this exciting Olympic year and upcoming quad!” – Kim Zmeskal-Burdette

Kim is known for training champion elite gymnasts and US National Team members, as well as current Junior National Team Member, Sydney Barros. SPIETH America looks forward to continuing this partnership with Zmeskal and the Texas Prime Meet as Kim’s professional feedback and expertise will help SPIETH America continue to be a world leader in gymnastics innovation. Zmeskal’s Texas Prime Meet will showcase SPIETH America’s equipment and give athletes the opportunity to compete on the most innovative equipment in the world.

“I am very excited to extend our partnership with Kim Zmeskal and the Texas Prime Event.” said Brent Poulsen, CEO for SPIETH America. “Kim is not only a gymnastics legend with a very rich history of athletic success, but she has now established herself as one of the leading professional coaches in the world! We look forward to continuing to work with the Texas Dream’s Gymnastics facility to test equipment and provide valuable feedback, but also look forward to continually showing the gymnastics community that there is an alternative supplier that is capable of hosting great events and supporting the needs of the United States. At SPIETH America we believe in surrounding ourselves with the best coaches and athletes in the world and Kim Zmeskal is a perfect fit along with Simone Biles, Sam Mikulak, and Ellie Black.”

“Spieth America continues to prove to me and athletes striving to be their best that their high-quality and top-notch equipment is a true asset in reaching our goals of safe and spectacular gymnastics! For the recreational to world-level gymnast, Spieth America is proudly the preferred equipment supplier of Texas Dreams Gymnastics.”

– Kim Zmeskal-Burdette 



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