Press Release – SPIETH America has partnered with U.S. Olympian Sam Mikulak for a four-year endorsement deal

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On August 11, SPIETH America announced the signing of a partnership with 2-time Olympian, Samuel Mikulak. As a University of Michigan Men’s Gymnastics Team Alumni member, Sam earned seven NCAA championship titles and led the team to back-to-back B1G Championships. In 2012 and 2016, Mikulak was 1 of 5 men to represent team USA at the Olympics.

“We are very excited to welcome Sam to the SPIETH America team! On top of Sam being a perfect fit as an ambassador, we look forward to the opportunity to help Sam with his training so he is ready to be a medal contender at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Sam’s consistency and work ethic drove us towards our partnership and now Sam will have an opportunity to train on the same equipment he will be competing on. Sam will be utilizing our innovative apparatus and training aids, which will allow him to train harder and recover faster,” said Brent Poulsen, VP of Sales for SPIETH America.

Mikulak stated, “SPIETH America is the future of gymnastics. As I get older, my body needs that extra attention with safety and reliability in which SPIETH America provides. Not to mention, they are the leading brand internationally, and training on their equipment will help prepare me for some of the biggest future competitions. I look forward to my partnership with SPIETH America as I continue to train for the Olympic Games, representing the USA!”

Mikulak will compete at the 2017 P&G Championships on the pommel porse in Anaheim, California where America’s top gymnasts will compete for national titles and berths on the U.S. National Team.

About SPIETH America
For over 40 years, SPIETH America, a FIG Partner has been one of the most trusted gymnasium and sports equipment manufacturers in North America. Our product offering is an assortment of highly specialized gymnastics apparatus and mats, preschool/developmental equipment, sport mat surfaces, volleyball, and badminton systems. SPIETH America equipment can be found in gymnastics clubs, YMCA’s, schools and various other organizations throughout North America, as well as, local, national, and international competitions. SPIETH America support the US and Canadian Federations in to continue developing the sport of gymnastics. Being a part of the ABEO Group enables SPIETH America to continue to provide a “best in class” product assortment for our customers, while maintaining our commitment to excellence.

For more information on SPIETH America, visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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