The podcast American Prodigies explores the cultural transformation of gymnastics by looking at the careers of Black gymnasts—from trailblazers to superstars, to the names you don’t even know… yet. 

Dianne. Betty. Dominique. Gabrielle. Sophina. Simone. Together, they tell a complicated tale that shows us how Black girls, maligned and overlooked by society and gymnastics alike, continue to thrive. Their stories reveal invisible scars and deep roots. These are the American Prodigies planting seeds for the next generation. The Black girls who few wanted in the sport, but who ended up changing the game. 

Each week, American Prodigies will tell one of these gymnasts stories, unraveling what it means to be a Black girl navigating overwhelmingly white spaces—demanding, exacting, sometimes toxic spaces. Their stories consider the burden of visibility, weight of expectation, the anguish of injury and the joy of winning. For the first time, Black girl gymnasts (who are now Black women) openly reflect on the mental and physical cost of growing up in a sport made of prodigies. 

With interviews from gymnasts, coaches, judges, and experts—and sonically rich journeys into the past—American Prodigies will give long-time gym fans new insights and grab the attention of those who normally only tune in every four years. 

You can listen to American Prodigies every Monday. Listen and subscribe here.

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