by Anna Rose Johnson

Photo by Lloyd Smith

It’s time to reveal the fabulous cover of our May/June issue, which is brimming with photos, news, and notes from NCAAs! We loved this NCAA season, an incredible four months full of heart and excitement. For this issue’s cover, we’re celebrating one of the top NCAA athletes of the season, who always performs with grace, strength, and vitality. And the cover goes to…

Senior Standout Sarah Finnegan: A Career to Remember!

            The winner of the 2019 AAI Award and a perennial fan favorite, Sarah Finnegan capped off her collegiate career with plenty of memorable performances at the NCAA Championships. We’re delighted to honor Finnegan’s accomplishments and artistry on the cover of our NCAA issue!

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10 Things We Loved About This NCAA Season

Inside Look: NAIGC

Ana Padurariu and Canada’s Quest for Success

Tons of awesome NCAA photos

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Anna Rose Johnson writes about women’s artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. She loves Whippets, brownies, and full-twisting double layouts. Her writing portfolio can be viewed at: