2020 U.S. Olympic Team Selection Information 

18 women and 20 men will compete in St. Louis this week in hopes of solidifying their spots on the U.S. Olympic Team. Years of dreams, grit, countless hours of training, a global pandemic, and an absolute extreme determination to fulfill a lifelong goal have come down to this point. Who will head to Tokyo for Team USA?

Per USA Gymnastics, here are the U.S. Olympic Team selection criteria for women’s and men’s gymnastics.

The information below is a brief summary of the selection procedures for the U.S. Olympic Team for  gymnastics. 

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics  Full Selection Procedures Can Be Found Here

  • Team Qualified to Tokyo

o 2018 World Championships, where they won gold  

  • Delegation, to be named Sunday, June 27 

o 4 team spots  

o +1 USA spot, earned through 2019 World Championships (after cancellation of the All Around World Cup Series

o +1 Nominative spot, mathematically earned by Jade Carey through Apparatus World Cup  performances. (We anticipate that FIG will make the official invite for this spot at the  conclusion of the World Cups, the last of which was scheduled for June 23-26 in Doha,  Qatar.) 

o + up to 5 replacement athletes  

  • Selection Procedures Summary  

o The top two (2) ranked All Around athletes at the end of U.S. Olympic Team Trials will be  automatically qualified to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team.  

o The Women’s Athlete Selection Committee will determine the remaining two (2) athletes to  fill team spots, as well as the additional USA spot and the replacement athletes, utilizing  discretionary criteria identified in the full selection procedures. That criteria includes  competition results, team needs, start values, execution values, and consistency, among  other things. 

o The Athlete Selection Committee consists of: 

USA Gymnastics High Performance Team Coordinator (Tom Forster

A representative appointed by the USA Gymnastics International Elite Committee 

An Athlete Representative  

In addition, there are two non-voting members of the committee: 

  • USA Gymnastics Vice President of Women’s Program, Annie Heffernon (voice, no vote) 
  • An Independent Observer of Procedure appointed by a sub-committee of  the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors (no voice, no vote). 

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics  

  • Team Qualified to Tokyo 

o 2019 World Championships, where the team finished fourth 

  • Delegation, to be named Saturday, June 26 

o 4 team spots  

o +1 USA spot, earned through Paul Juda’s All Around performance at the 2021 Sr. Pan  American Games  

o + up to 5 replacement athletes  

  • Selection Procedures Summary  

o Full Olympic Selection Procedures can be found here 

o The first-place all-around athlete at the conclusion of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials  will automatically be qualified to the team.  

o The second-place athlete may also automatically qualify to the team if the second-place  athlete also places in the top three on three different events.  

o Athletes who do not automatically qualify to the team will be considered by the 2020  Olympic Games Selection Committee through an evaluation of factors, including  contribution to the team score and medal potential, as well as start values, execution  scores, and consistency, among other metrics.  

o Selection Committee: The 2020 Olympic Games Selection Committee includes: 2 coach representatives 

2 athlete representatives  

1 at-large representative (may be a coach, athlete or administrator)  

High Performance Director, Brett McClure  

*Vice President of Men’s Program, Jason Woodnick (voice, no vote) 

*Independent Observer of Procedure Appointed by USA Gymnastics Board of  Directors (no voice, no vote)

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