By Jessica Taylor Price

At this year’s Worlds, some gymnasts are eyeing more than just a haul of medals. Here’s a breakdown of some of the records that can (or can’t) be broken at 2018 Worlds:

Feature Photo by Ricardo Bufolin

Who has the most all-around medals/titles?

Svetlana Khorkina has three all-around world titles plus a silver from 1995 and an Olympic silver in 2004. Larisa Latynina–who competed long before Worlds was held annually–has two world titles, two Olympic titles and an Olympic silver.

So far, Simone has three all-around world titles and an Olympic title. If she wins the all-around in Doha, she’ll match Khorkina and Latynina in their all-around medal count and break the record for the number of World all-around titles.

Who has the most combined World and Olympic medals?

Latynina collected an incredible 32 World and Olympic medals from 1956 to 1966, with Khorkina in second with 27. Khorkina is first in the World medal count with 20.

Biles is in sixth in the current total medal count with 19 medals. She could improve on her combined ranking in Doha but won’t beat Latynina’s record this year. With 14 World medals, she could potentially match Khorkina’s record of 20, but she would have to medal in every event.

Which American has the most medals?

Biles is the most decorated American, having taken that title from Shannon Miller–who has 16 total medals–in 2016.

Who has the most World/Olympic medals on vault?

Cheng Fei holds the record for the most World titles on vault with three, and Vera Caslavska has four combined World and Olympic vault titles, but Oksana Chusovitina has 10 combined World and Olympic vault medals, with nine from Worlds.

Biles has four vault medals, including one Olympic gold. Chusovitina will compete in Doha, with no chance of her nor Cheng’s records being broken there.

Who has the most World/Olympic medals on uneven bars?

Svetlana Khorkina has five World titles and two Olympic titles on uneven bars, plus one World silver to keep things interesting, which gives her the most number of medals with seven.

Aliya Mustafina is the Worlds competitor who’s closest to this record, with a combined four medals on uneven bars, including two Olympic titles. Khorkina’s record is safe.

Who has the most World/Olympic medals on beam?

The record for World titles on beam is two, with Nastia Liukin, Daniela Silivas and Biles all earning two in their careers. If Biles wins the beam title in Doha, she’ll beat her own record.

Latynina and Eva Bosakova have the most World and Olympic beam medals, with four, a number Biles has tied. If she medals on beam at Worlds, she’ll beat one of her own records.

Who has the most World/Olympic medals on floor?

Biles has tied Gina Gogean for the most World titles on floor, with three. If she wins floor in Doha, she’ll beat her own record.

Latynina and Gogean each have five World and Olympic floor medals, a record Biles–who has four–could tie if she medals this year.

What is the record for medals/titles at Worlds?

Several gymnasts have medaled on every event at Worlds or the Olympics, but nobody’s ever won all six titles at one competition.

Latynina won five gold medals at the 1958 World Championships, plus a floor silver. This record at a single Worlds (or Olympics) has yet to be matched, though Biles came close in 2014 with four gold and one silver, and Mustafina also took five in 2010 with two gold and three silver.

What is the longest World and Olympic title streak for a team?

The USSR won every World and Olympic team title from 1952 to 1964, though World Championships weren’t held annually back then, so the number of titles comes to seven. They won six in a row between 1968 and 1978, and Romania won four in a row from 1997 to 2004.

Team USA currently has a streak of five World and Olympic titles, so the Soviet Union’s record will hold this year.