Photos by Lloyd Smith and Grace Chiu

How does this feel compared to the U.S. Championships?

It feels really good. It feels a little like Championships. The pressure is a little bit higher because there are so many good girls here and I’m competing with such an amazing team!

What is it like to see the rest of the world and where they’re at right now?

It’s been good. It’s a little bit intimidating because everyone here is just so good. But, I’ve just been doing what I’ve been doing at home and working on my consistency and everything. I’ve just been staying in my zone.

The team has a really good mix. Some with college experience, some with international, some really young, what is that like?

I think it really helps me a lot. Simone obviously has so much experience, so [she] and Mykayla really help me a lot because I don’t really know what I’m doing here. It’s very different than what I’ve done before and it’s my first time, so they’ve helped me a lot with that. It’s nice competing with Grace and everyone because we get along so well and I think it’s a really great team!

What do you attribute your growth to? What has helped you to advance so well over the last few years?

Definitely my coaches. They help me a lot. And just my family, everyone has been so supportive and just working on my mindset.

Tell us how you selected Auburn…

I selected Auburn because the campus is just so beautiful and everyone there is so nice. I get along really well with the coaches because my coach is his twin brother, obviously. But yes, we have a really good bond and I’m super excited for college!


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