By Patricia Duffy

Senior U.S. National Team member Jordan Chiles had her breakout season in 2017, finishing second in the all-around at the 2017 P&G Championships and being named an alternate to the 2017 World Championships team. Hungry for more in 2018, Chiles recently talked with Inside Gymnastics about her training and bronze medal performance at the 2018 Stuttgart World Cup.

Feature Photo by Grace Chiu

Inside Gymnastics: What have you been up to over the past few months since we saw you win silver in the All-Around at the 2017 U.S. Championships?

Jordan Chiles: I have been training and upgrading. Off season is normally the time to put in new things, but this was my first time having to stay routine ready so long because of World Championships.

Inside: What are your goals for this year after your “breakout season” last year?

Jordan: I had so much fun at P&Gs. I was so happy to FINALLY show what I can do. I want to make international assignments. I was selected to Stuttgart in Germany, and I hope to make Pac Rims. I love team competitions.

Inside: Any upgrades you’re particularly excited about?

Jordan: All of them! But probably my second vault [is my favorite]. I have two “second” vaults, and my coach is trying to see what he likes best for me. My floor upgrades are cool too. I love my new bar routine! It is all coming together.

Inside: Stuttgart was your first World Cup assignment as a senior! Take us through the trip and competition and how you feel it went.

Jordan: The flight was LONG, but I am used to it from traveling to places as a junior. I slept most of the flight. We arrived on Friday morning which was still Thursday back home. Everything went so quick. A few short trainings, and then it was time to compete. It was a fun atmosphere, and all of the girls were nice. I met new friends.

Before I left to Stuttgart, it was decided to step back my routines for this competition. So no Amanar or other upgrades. Vault went pretty good. It definitely could have been a better double, but it was solid.

My bar routine felt good. I like my new routine, so it feels good to perform it. I was aggressive and confident, and, unfortunately, I went a little too hard on my Tkachev and I fell. It was such a good routine until that happened. I was disappointed, but I knew I could still do well on the other events.

Then beam… That was not even me. I wasn’t nervous. I just was not attacking the beam like I should or like I normally do. It’s a new routine, but I was feeling good in practice. I am going to forget that happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Then floor. I wanted to show that although I made mistakes that I could still hit when it is needed.

Mistakes happen to everyone, but it is how you act and move forward after the mistake that shows who you really are.

My floor routine is Wonder Woman! I love it. I can’t wait to perfect all of my elements. I think my floor routine went pretty good. I was proud of it. I made podium and that was cool. I took bronze and won floor and vault. It was not my best competition, but it was still something I am very proud of. It is good to know that – when I put it all together – I can compete with the best in the world. It is so early in the season. Lots of time to improve.

Inside: How do you see this meet setting you up for the rest of the year?

Jordan: Well, it makes me hungry that is for sure. When I see what could have been it drives me to want to see what my full potential is. I want to make myself proud and see where that lands me. My main goal for this year is to make the team and compete at Worlds.

Video via USA Gymnastics