Romania’s Larisa Iordache competed at all three World Championships from 2013-15, winning a total of four medals. Injuries in 2016 prevented her from being selected for the sole Romanian Olympic slot; she served as an alternate for the Romanian team. In this quick interview, Larisa discusses her 2016 season and her 2017 plans!

Inside Gymnastics Do you plan to compete next year?
Larisa Iordache: I’m preparing for the next year and hope to be healthy to do all my best [routines].

Inside: Are you hoping to train any new skills?
Larisa: I hope so!

Inside: What are your current gymnastics goals?
Larisa: [To] prepare as well for the coming year and to compete healthy.

Inside: Tell us about your 2016 season in general.
Larisa: It was a very difficult year for me, with two surgeries and [a] long break due to health problems. This year I can say that I got a pretty rough experience.

Inside: Your current floor routine is gorgeous—will you keep it for 2017?
Larisa: Thanks, I’m glad. I’m not sure [about] that! But you [will] see along the way.

Inside: What are some of your favorite gymnastics memories?
Larisa: My [best] recollection is in 2014, when I won the World Championships medal in the individual all-around.

Inside: Which gymnasts, past and present, do you most admire?
Larisa: All gymnasts are an example to me! I admire all, but Nadia [is] undoubtedly is one of my favorites.

Inside: Have you considered Tokyo 2020?
Larisa: [I will] take every period of my life step by step. [I] do not want to rush anything and I hope to be healthy; then I’m sure everything will come by itself!

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