We recently caught up with former U.S. elite and current UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi to talk about her goals, the transition to college, and more!

Inside Gymnastics: How has your training been going?
Katelyn Ohashi: Training has been good! I’m working on getting back on all the events and cleaning up the other events.

Inside: What are your goals for the remainder of the season?
Katelyn: My individual goals are to keep improving scores and landings; and as a team, staying involved and working towards a natty!

Inside: What was it like to transition to college gymnastics?
Katelyn: Coming into college I thought it was going to be easier. We’ve been balancing school and gym our whole lives, but I think it was a little more difficult to be in a different place with more opportunities. It’s a fun and amazing experience, though, meeting new and different people and getting the chance to attend such a great college.

Inside: Which do you prefer—competing in elite or NCAA?
Katelyn: Personally I prefer NCAA. Elite was a great experience, but I really enjoy being a part of such a caring and loving team and getting to rediscover the fun in the sport.

Inside: What is your favorite skill to compete?
Katelyn: My favorite skill to compete would have to be my middle pass on floor—round-off, 1 ½ punch full punch half split jump front tuck.

Inside: What are some of your favorite gymnastics memories?
Katelyn: I think my favorite gymnastics memory was the whole Pacific Rim trip and standing up on the podium as a team representing USA.

Inside: Would you consider coaching one day?
Katelyn: I honestly don’t think I would have the patience to be a coach, haha.

Inside: Is there a possibility that you’ll return to elite gymnastics anytime?
Katelyn: Ha ha, I don’t think so.

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Anna Rose Johnson writes about women’s artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. She loves Whippets, brownies, and full-twisting double layouts. Her writing portfolio can be viewed at: https://annarosejohnson.contently.com