By Jessica Taylor Price

It was a big day for the men at the 2018 World Championships, to say the least.

On day two of men’s qualifications, the finals competitors were set, and teams qualified for the 2019 World Championships. Also, everyone fell on pommels. Here are some other things you might have missed on day 6 in Doha:

Feature Photo by Grace Chiu

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Kohei brought his own fans

Team Japan placed third in qualifications, with “King” Kohei Uchimura qualifying in first on high bar with this glorious routine. We’re also here for his adorable children showing up to cheer him on before falling asleep. “Kohei Duddy!”

Mikulak had a great day

Sam Mikulak had an incredible day—he hit all six events to help Team USA qualify in fourth and to get himself into five finals, including the all-around, parallel bars, high bar, floor exercise and pommels!

They’re calling it the “Reverse Wolfkino”

A video of Tienna Nguyen of Vietnam’s new submitted skill was revealed, and it’s quite pretty. Take a look.

The pommel was cursed

Lots of men had trouble with the pommel horse today, leading some to speculate that there was some sort of pommel curse (it is that time of year, after all). Euro’s pommel champion Rhys McClenaghan unfortunately fell twice, and apologized to his fans on Twitter.

McClenaghan did confirm to Inside Gymnastics that he has been dealing with a shoulder injury, but will still compete at the Cottbus World Cup next month in Germany. McClenaghan is looking to qualify as an individual to Tokyo 2020.

… unless you’re Whitlock

Lucky for him, Max Whitlock is impervious to pommel witchcraft, qualifying in first to the final with this smooth (and fall-free) routine.

Here’s your leader

China qualified second behind Russia in qualifications, with defending all-around champion Xiao Ruoteng looking solid in first place after also fending off the pommel hex.

The U.S. women are ready

Yes, I know today was about the men, but we have to talk about this adorably posed photo of the women of Team USA. We also got a behind-the-scenes photo of our favorite Worlds friendship.

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Simone went to the ER

… OK, so I guess we’re not quite done with the U.S. women. Simone Biles revealed on Twitter that she went to the ER for a kidney stone but still plans to compete, like the pro/champ/goddess she is.

Petrounias rose above

Speaking of competing through debilitating pain, Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece qualified in first on still rings despite a serious shoulder injury. He plans on getting surgery next month.



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