by Anna Rose Johnson

Just in case you missed any news in this jam-packed weekend, we’ve got you covered! From exciting announcements to special skills captured on camera, here’s everything you need to know from this past weekend in gymnastics:

JUST ANNOUNCED: US Women’s Pan Ams team news

While the USA has not yet named their official women’s team for the upcoming Pan American Games, they have released a list of eight women who are currently under consideration for selection. According to USA Gymnastics, “The women’s 2019 Pan Am Games Team will be determined following the conclusion of the 2019 GK U.S. Classic, [July] 20, in Louisville, Ky.”

Here’s the full list:

Sloane Blakely
Kara Eaker
Aleah Finnegan
Morgan Hurd
Shilese Jones
Sunisa Lee
Riley McCusker
Leanne Wong

We’re so excited to watch the Pan American Games, which will be held in Lima, Peru on July 27-31.


One of the first countries to select their World Championships team each year is Japan, and their announcement for those teams came yesterday! Noticeably absent from these lists are the legendary Kohei Uchimura and World all-around silver medalist Mai Murakami, both of whom were unable to qualify due to nagging injuries. For more on these two storylines, be sure to subscribe to receive the next issue of Inside Gymnastics, which is our “Countdown to Tokyo 2020” issue!

Men’s Team:

Kakeru Tanigawa
Wataru Tanigawa
Kazuma Kaya
Daiki Hashimoto
Yuya Kamoto

Women’s Team:

Asuka Teramoto
Hitomi Hatakeda
Aiko Sugihara
Nagi Kajita
Akari Matsumura

RESULTS from a big weekend of competition!

The prestigious American Classic was held last weekend in Salt Lake City. As a qualifying meet for the 2019 U.S. Championships, it’s always a great competition to keep an eye on, as fans usually discover new talent at the American Classic!

Faith Torrez won the senior all-around gold with an amazing total of 54.850, while Emily Lee and Shania Adams finished second and third, respectively. If you’re curious to see the breakdown of the scores and the entire list of talented competitors, check out the full results here. In the junior division, we saw Ciena Alipio take home the gold medal with a 53.800, while Karis German and Anya Pilgrim won the silver and bronze. Full junior results can be found here!

Sunisa Lee competed two events at the American Classic and scored only 11.600 on bars—but after the meet, she took to social media to post this video of her epic bars routine from training!

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