GLOBAL IMPACT GYMNASTICS ALLIANCE (GIGA) creates opportunity for athletes post Olympics and NCAA

GLOBAL IMPACT GYMNASTICS ALLIANCE (GIGA) creates opportunity for athletes post Olympics and NCAA

Per a press release issued by GIGA


First women’s professional gymnastics league and media platform creates opportunity for athletes post Olympics and NCAA, activates pent-up fan demand

June 20, 2024 – Wilton, CT – As the first women’s professional gymnastics league, the Global Impact Gymnastics Alliance (GIGA) envisions a future where “turning pro” in gymnastics allows athletes to pursue revenue opportunities on the field of play and sustain extended competitive careers well beyond their late teens and college years.

The three founders, Maura Fox, CEO, Aimee Boorman, Chief of Athletes and Engagement, and LaPrise Williams, Chief of Sports Strategy and Events, are committed to using the power of live events, athlete storytelling and fan-first content and experiences to reach new audiences and grow the sport at a time when interest in women’s sports is surging.

“Women’s gymnastics has long been a dominating force during the summer Olympics, capturing outsized media coverage and leading the way on fan engagement,” said Fox. “GIGA is here to break the 4-year cycle so athletes can translate their talent and commitment into a viable career path and fans can continue to enjoy the sport they love.”

Despite massive growth, women’s sports continues to be an untapped market, and ripe for investment. Rapidly rising women’s sport league valuations (WNBA, NWSL) and new media rights deals are fueling revenue. Spectator attendance and TV viewership are breaking records. Across all Olympic sports, gymnastics is the de facto headliner, with NBC’s Tokyo primetime airing more hours of women’s gymnastics than any other sport – men’s or women’s. At the college level, women’s NCAA gymnastics generates 13 times more revenue than men’s.

Yet following a college or Olympic career, there’s been no way for female gymnasts to earn a living. Name Image Likeness (NIL) opens door to new expansion – the #1 NIL female athlete is an LSU gymnast, who’s also #3 of top 10 athletes overall – but without a professional path and platform, NIL value isn’t sustainable.

“It’s been exciting to see the popularity and competitive level of collegiate gymnastics rise. So many of these athletes are only approaching peak performance in college and have the ability to further advance. The passion and drive to continue in the sport does not stop at the completion of eligibility,” said KJ Kindler, Head Coach, Gymnastics, at Oklahoma University who, with her team, was recently named “National Coaching Staff of the Year” by Women’s College Gymnastics Association (WCGA). “GIGA will provide a path to athletes who want to extend their gymnastics careers well beyond the collegiate level.”

As a reflection of the sport’s far-reaching popularity and deep fan engagement, GIGA is also excited to announce a Netcapital campaign, a fundraising effort that enables investors of every type to empower athletes and inspire fans by backing the future of gymnastics.

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About GIGA

The Global Impact Gymnastics Alliance (GIGA) is the first women’s professional gymnastics league and media platform, established to provide post-Olympic and NCAA athletes with professional opportunities and to meet the growing demand from fans. Co-founded by Maura Fox, Aimee Boorman, and LaPrise Williams, GIGA merges a women’s pro league with an innovative multimedia platform to enhance athlete visibility and fan engagement through live events, storytelling, and unique experiences.

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