The Olympic race is officially in full-on competitive mode and we couldn’t be more excited that the Countdown to Tokyo is officially ON! The 2021 European Individual Championships run from April 21-25 in Basel, Switzerland with a lot at stake looking ahead to the Games. Before things get started, here are a few things to know:

Most Importantly – How to Watch:

Updated – YouTube Link

Watch Qualification Streaming Here

Watch Finals Here

+1 At Stake: 

So, here are the facts, as we understand the rules. The 2021 European Championships are an Olympic qualifying event. Two individual spots for both the men’s and women’s field are available to qualify to Tokyo. *The 2020 European Championships were not a qualifying event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: A country that qualified a full team to Tokyo is eligible to earn non-nominative spots. Countries that have not qualified a full team are eligible to earn a nominative spot for an individual gymnast if the athlete was not part of a team already qualified to the Games.

Non-nominative: It’s the country’s spot, not the gymnast’s, so the country can ultimately choose who they send through to the Games if the spot is earned.

Nominative: This is the gymnast who qualified spot. It cannot be changed by the country and the gymnast reserves the right to accept the spot to Tokyo or not.

Set Your Alarms! – The Schedule:

Wednesday, April 21 (Starting at 4:00am ET)

WAG Qualification SUB 1-4

Thursday, April 22 (Starting at 4:00am ET)

MAG Qualification SUB 1-3

Friday, April 23 

WAG AA Final (7:30am ET)

MAG AA Final (11:00am ET)

Saturday, April 24 (Starting at 7:30am ET)

Apparatus Finals: MAG FX, WAG VT, PH, UB, SR

Sunday, April 25 (Starting at 7:00am ET)

Apparatus Finals: BB, MAG VT, WAG FX, PB, HB

The Full Schedule and Times Can Be Found Here

Athletes to Keep an Eye On

This competition represents Larisa Iordache’s (ROM) final attempt to qualify to the 2021 Games and perhaps final appearance at Europeans in a legendary career that has spanned over a decade of international triumphs and heartbreaks. She’s a sentimental favorite for sure and has to finish in the top two among the athletes eligible for individual spots. Iordache has carried the Romanian team for years and it would truly be a feat of Olympic-sized proportions for to her compete in Tokyo.

Plus! After watching podium training today, we absolutely have our eye on Russia’s Viktoria Listunova, the 2019 Jr. World All-Around Champion, who performed a floor routine we already love, and 2019 World All-Around Champion Nikita Nargornyy (RUS) whose triple pike alone is worth the price of admission. Watch the speed of that second flip! See both on our Instagram @InsideGym

Check back for more on for updates and takeaways from Switzerland!

Photo credits: Grace Chiu and Ricardo Bufolin for Inside Gymnastics

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