By Anna Rose Johnson

One of NCAA’s brightest stars, Elizabeth “Ebee” Price has won the hearts of the gymnastics community with her dynamic power and flawless execution. She first arrived on the senior elite scene in 2012, stunning the world with her amazing Amanar and finishing fourth at the Olympic Trials. In fall 2014, Price made the transition to collegiate gymnastics at Stanford, where she has enjoyed a remarkable career, including an NCAA Championships title on vault in 2015. In this interview, Price describes her final home meet, her NCAA journey, and her future.

Feature Photo by Lloyd Smith

Inside Gymnastics: How is your training going?

(Jeff Bartee Photography)

Elizabeth Price: My training is going well. I’m really focusing on fine-tuning details and keeping up consistency under high-pressure situations.

Inside: Tell us about your meets so far this season!

Elizabeth: I’d say that I’m very happy with my performance so far this year. I’ve really been able to go out each weekend and hit some of my best routines consistently, and that definitely gives me a confidence boost heading into post-season.

Inside: Could you describe your amazing final home meet and the Perfect 10 on floor?

Elizabeth: I was definitely nervous heading into my last home meet, because I really wanted to end on a good note, so the fact that I had my best all-around performance that night was perfect. The energy from the crowd and from my teammates was just amazing, and finishing the meet with a 10 on floor was just the icing on the cake. It was an incredible meet with incredible people, and it’s definitely going to be a moment I remember.

Elizabeth Price waves to the crowd after scoring a Perfect 10 in her final home meet at Stanford. (Jeff Bartee Photography)

Inside: What have been some of the greatest moments of your NCAA career?

Elizabeth: I would have to say that my greatest moments of my NCAA career happened this year. Every moment I get to spend with my teammates is another great memory made, and having them by my side during this great season just makes it that much better. Finally receiving a 10 on bars was also a great moment for me, [especially as I have worked] towards that goal since I’ve been at Stanford, and being able to reach that goal at home while surrounded by some of my best friends was perfect.

Inside: What were some of your favorite moments from elite?

Elizabeth Price holds up the scorecard after earning a Perfect 10 on vault against Cal. (Jeff Bartee Photography)

Elizabeth: I think that my favorite moments from elite were the competitions I competed at here in the U.S. I loved competing in front of my family and friends and many other people who really supported me and loved the sport. Being able to compete with some of my best friends was also always a pleasure. I made some really great memories with my fellow elite gymnasts at the time, and whenever I look back on my elite career, it’s those moments that come back to me. One of my favorite meets was Olympic Trials in 2012, because not only was it a very important competition, but it was also really fun competing for a spot to represent [my] country in the biggest competition in the world alongside some of the best athletes in the country.

Inside: What are your favorite competition memories from Stanford?

Elizabeth: I think that my favorite competition memories from my time at Stanford are the regional competitions I competed at my freshman and sophomore years, because they were really exciting competitions. Every routine matters at those meets and it comes down to the little things and fighting for every tenth to make it to NCAAs. So being able to compete in those situations and pull through for a chance to compete for a National title was awesome.

Elizabeth Price performs a leap during her floor routine. (Jeff Bartee Photography)

Inside: Do you think you might continue competing after your NCAA career is over? Will you return to elite?

Elizabeth: I will not be continuing to compete after I finish my NCAA career. Although gymnastics is a huge part of my life and who I am, I think my time participating in competition will also be coming to an end [after the season].

Inside: What are some of your post-graduation plans?

Elizabeth: I’m not totally decided on what I want to do after I graduate. I’ll be finishing my undergraduate coursework at the end of this year, and I’m considering either going to work in the biotech industry or continuing my studies at graduate school.

Inside: Would you consider coaching gymnastics someday?

Elizabeth: I think I’d consider coaching gymnastics someday in the future. It’s something that I’ve done before and really enjoyed, so I could potentially see myself picking it up again at some point.

Inside: What are your goals for the remainder of the season?

Elizabeth: For the remainder of this season, my goals are really just to take in every second of every minute I’m out there on the competition floor. I really want to go out and compete well, continuing to perform some of my best routines under the pressure of the competition, and just enjoy being able to do the amazing things I’ve been practicing and working at for so long.

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