In a letter announcing her retirement after 43 years, legendary LSU Head Coach D-D Breaux wrote:

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose –
It is with joy, love, peace, appreciation and some sadness, but no regret, that I announce to my LSU family and community that I am retiring from coaching, but not retiring from LSU. Coaching has filled my heart and life and has fueled my passion for 43 years; leaving will be difficult. While I may be changing how I express my passion for LSU Gymnastics and our university, I can assure you I will continue to express it.

I have always told myself that I would know when it is time to make this most difficult decision. The gymnastics program was not built easily or without moments that jeopardized its very existence but each challenge was met with determination and enthusiasm. The program is in the most secure and positive position it has been in since its inception. Transition is difficult, but it is made much easier when you are confident that it is being left much better than it was found. I am confident that as great as it is now, it is destined for greater heights. LSU Gymnastics is one of the best and most powerful programs in the country with, most importantly, the most incredible fan support.”

Inside Gymnastics has loved watching Coach Breaux throughout her incredible career. Here is a quick trip down memory lane with some of our favorite photos displaying her ultimate love and unwavering support for the women she has helped inspire. Look for more on Breaux in our next issue!

Photos by Lloyd Smith