College Gymnastics Association Announces first-ever CGA Hall of Fame

College Gymnastics Association Announces first-ever CGA Hall of Fame

Per the CGA – Max Soifer – February 14, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the first-ever College Gymnastics Association Hall of Fame, celebrating the outstanding achievements and contributions of athletes, coaches, and teams during their time in the NCAA.

After years of dedication and passion for the sport, it is time to honor the legends who have left an indelible mark on collegiate gymnastics. From remarkable athletic performances to groundbreaking coaching achievements and unwavering support for the sport’s growth, these individual’s legacies are deserving of celebration.

The College Gymnastics Association Hall of Fame will serve as a tribute to excellence, perseverance, and the enduring spirit of competition. It will be a place where the rich history of the sport is preserved and celebrated for generations to come.

Inductees into the Hall of Fame will include athletes who have achieved unparalleled success on the gymnastics floor, coaches who have inspired and mentored their teams to greatness, and teams who have celebrated unprecedented success.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to honor the legacy of NCAA men’s gymnastics and recognize those who have made extraordinary contributions to the sport. Together, we will celebrate the past, inspire the present, and shape the future of men’s gymnastics at the NCAA level.

This inaugural class consists of members of the NCAA men’s gymnastics community from every era ranging back to the second world war. The selection committee consists of NCAA men’s gymnastics historians who have deep insight into each generation of NCAA men’s gymnastics and can together, tell the full story of our sport since the first NCAA men’s gymnastics championships held in 1938 in Chicago.

All NCAA Men’s Gymnasts who have competed in the NCAA are eligible to be nominated for the CGA Hall of Fame. Eligibility begins once an athlete is five years removed from NCAA competition. All athletes nominated for the Hall of Fame must have strong character, a solid moral foundation, and must have shown a positive contribution to the sport of Men’s Gymnastics.

The process for selection began with a nomination process from the committee. A nomination by a single member of the committee resulted in a Hall of Fame nomination. From there the nominees were moved to a final round based on a two thirds majority vote from the committee. At this stage they were labeled Finalists. Finally, the Hall of Fame committee discussed and explored every finalist prior to taking one final vote to determine the inductees who made up the inaugural class.  It took a two thirds majority vote to go from finalist to inductee.

Over the coming weeks the CGA will release the names of the inductees on Wednesday’s over our social media channels and will add a follow-up each Friday with more information about each inductee. Stay tuned to learn about our inductees and their contribution to the sport we all love so much.


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Date: April 20th, 2024 (same day as the NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Team and Individual Finals)

Time: 11-2pm EST

Where: Fawcett Center at the Ohio State University

ATLANTA, Ga. December 5, 2023 – Inside Gymnastics magazine and the College Gymnastics Association (CGA) are proud to announce a new season sponsorship program for the 2024 NCAA Men’s NCAA season.

With a focus on elevating the profile of men’s gymnastics and engaging fans with next level content, the sponsorship will feature segments across Inside Gymnastics magazine’s slate of platforms. Features will appear in the print edition of Inside Gymnastics magazine as well as the digital editions (available in the Apple and Android App Stores). In addition, content for the program will appear on, the publication’s social media platforms and E-Newsletters.

Content will include weekly event promotions, engaging athlete spotlights, new interviews, op-ed features, video and exclusive social media initiatives, increased on-site and virtual meet coverage and more, highlight athlete achievements each week of the season and promote special initiatives as part of the CGA including the 2023 All-Star meet on Dec. 16, as well as kick off an all-new Men’s NCAA Championship section on featuring extensive season coverage beginning January 2024.

The mission of the College Gymnastics Association is “to raise the profile of the sport of NCAA Men’s Gymnastics by setting the standard for collegiate sports organizations and providing additional opportunities at the collegiate level”. With inclusion, innovation and integrity as their core values, the CGA’s vision is to be the model organization that elevates and grows the sport of collegiate men’s gymnastics.

Together with the CGA, Inside Gymnastics will lead the following Key Components of the Sponsorship:

  • Provide extensive promotion and coverage of Men’s NCAA Gymnastics throughout the 2024 season in Inside Gymnastics magazine, on and across all social media platforms
  • Feature “Men’s NCAA Mondays” beginning the first week in January 2024 and provide exclusive coverage including athlete interviews, program profiles, interactive video and social media promotions, weekly “Power Rankings”, program spotlights, and competition highlights
  • Name and promote a “Routine of the Week” or “Athlete of the Week” across social media and
  • Work with each NCAA Men’s program to collaborate and spotlight individual programs and athletes throughout the season.
  • Showcase the Men’s NCAA slate of competitions in a high profile placement on and its platforms
  • Introduce 4-6 “guest column” features on highlighting the importance of NCAA men’s gymnastics in the community with an additional in-depth piece to be featured in the February 2024 issue of Inside Gymnastics magazine
  • Include a featured Men’s NCAA Championship Section on
  • Inside Gymnastics will promote the December 16 CGA All-Star meet on social media and on and be featured on the scoreboard for the event
  • Inside Gymnastics’ newsfeed will be featured on the CGA’s website highlighting the latest and greatest from the sport of gymnastics and promoted as the official magazine of the CGA

“The CGA is excited to bring on Inside Gymnastics as a 2023-2024 season sponsor. The addition of Inside Gymnastics as a sponsor advances our mission to raise the profile of the sport of NCAA men’s gymnastics. As a CGA partner last season, Inside Gymnastics did an excellent job highlighting the sport and we are honored to become an even larger part of their regular coverage this coming season,” said CGA President, John Robinson. “While much of our typical CGA programming will continue this sponsorship will enable for more robust coverage of the sport that we all love so much.” 

Inside Gymnastics is proud to sponsor the College Gymnastics Association to increase this exciting initiative first launched in 2023 to promote Men’s NCAA Gymnastics. This new effort will enhance our overall coverage of Men’s NCAA gymnastics in 2024 and include the 2023 All-Star meet, 2024 season coverage including a “Drive to the Championship” segment on and in Inside Gymnastics magazine, and bring together the personalities, programs and community impact of the sport to the forefront,” said Christy Sandmaier, vice president and co-publisher of Inside Gymnastics magazine. “Through this sponsorship we will continue to elevate and promote the positive opportunities men’s gymnastics offers for all levels and all ages, and celebrate the incredible athletes who inspire us every day!”

Up Next! In partnership with Virtius, the College Gymnastics Association presents the second annual NCAA All-Stars. This competition will be broken down by East and West with each team selecting four All-Stars per event. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for team selections, interviews with athletes, and more to prepare for the CGA All-Star Meet. Get involved and enjoy the ride! Click Here for More!


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