By Anna Rose Johnson

We recently caught up with our March/April cover star Morgan Hurd for a quick interview! In this Q&A, the highly artistic two-time World gold medalist answered our questions about her World Cup victory earlier this month and her gymnastics goals for the future, plus a few other fun facts!

Photo by Grace Chiu

Inside Gymnastics: Congratulations on your Tokyo World Cup victory! Could you tell us about your experiences at this meet?
Morgan Hurd: This meet was so much fun! The arena was spectacular, the people were so kind and accommodating, and getting to compete with all the girls was a blast.

Inside: How has life changed for you since winning the 2017 World all-around title?
Morgan: The only way [that] life has changed for me is my standards. I have a lot higher standards for myself than I did in the past.

Inside: What were your favorite competition moments from 2018?
Morgan: Pac Rims was definitely one of my favorites because of all of the international interactions we got to have and interactions with the other disciplines.

Inside: Are you working on any upgrades for this summer?
Morgan: That’s a secret, haha.

Inside: What are your goals for 2019?
Morgan: Pan Am Games team and Worlds team.

Inside: What is your ultimate gymnastics goal, and what are your specific goals for Tokyo 2020?
Morgan: My ultimate goal is obviously Tokyo 2020. I just want to focus on making the team first.

Inside: What’s a dream skill that you’d love to add to your repertoire?
Morgan: [A] Moors (double-twisting double layout tumbling pass)

Inside: What is your favorite apparatus?
Morgan: Bars

Inside: You’ve traveled so much for your competitions—what has been your favorite place to visit?
Morgan: Tokyo!

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