By Chris Korotky

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Elite gymnast, husband, father, businessman, coach… Alex Naddour does it all and makes it look easy! Naddour was one of the bright spots for Team USA at the 2016 Olympic Games, earning bronze on pommel horse with his intricate set, where he’s known for his spot-on consistency. Married to fellow Oklahoma Sooner Hollie Vise, the 2003 World Champion on uneven bars, Naddour’s life revolves primarily around gymnastics, but he’s also diversified with a successful real estate career with Arizona Elite Properties. Training and coaching at his family’s USA Youth Fitness Centre in Arizona, Naddour is always on-the-go and gave us a glimpse into a Week in the Life…


7:30am                               I wake up when my daughter wakes up and get the day started

7:30am – 10am                 Breakfast and then family time with my wife Hollie and daughter Lilah…no better way to kick off the day! Lilah is a wild child! She is me [laughs]. Hollie’s mom came down and she’s like ‘This is not my kid, she gets this [energy] from you!’ She runs around non-stop. She likes to run up and down the stairs and then she crashes when it’s time to go to bed, which I’m kind of thankful for!

11 am – 1:30pm               Training at USA Youth Fitness Centre. I’ve been focusing primarily on pommel horse and rings for this year. I’m looking at adding some additional events in 2018.

1:30pm                              I’ve been helping with coaching some of the guys at the gym…………..

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