Inside Gymnastics chats with rising star David Shamah, who won the 17-year old division of the 2022 U.S. Championships, as well as winning the ring and parallel bar titles!

Here’s what he had to say after the competition! 

On winning the junior National All-Around title: 

“I’m so excited. I mean, last year I got 5th All-Around and this year 1st, so certainly exciting! Just kind of lets me know that all my hard work paid off!” 

On how he got started in the sport: 

“So when I was little, I kind of tried a bunch of different sports and I played little kids soccer, I did a lot of skiing. And then gymnastics was kind of just one of those sports! My sister actually found a liking to it when she was young. And so I kind of saw her do it and then I was like, ‘oh, I want to do that.’ So I tried to do it. I happened to be pretty good when I was younger, continued with it, and I enjoyed it. I don’t remember too much. I started when I was four, so that was a long time ago! But I clearly enjoyed it because I’m still here today! I still love the sport. I think it’s amazing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

On how his international experiences helped his performance: 

“I think what helped me become so successful in this competition compared to last year was my experience that I’ve had because I was able to go to Pan American Games in November, I had a Winter Cup in February, then the DTB Pokal in Germany in March. And so I think those three experiences alone have helped me just become a more fierce competitor. I’ve been able to be a little bit more calm and collected when I compete and not as nervous, just because now when you come back from a big competition like that, it kind of feels like nothing. I mean, this is my home. This is where I live. I know all the guys competing, and so I’m familiar with how the set up works and how everything runs. So I think I contribute my success to those experiences that I’ve had internationally.”


On Olympian’s that inspire him:

Ever since I was little, my goal is to be on the Olympic team, but I don’t think it really occurred to me that could actually happen until last year. I had a pretty successful year, started getting selected for international assignments. My self confidence in my gymnastics started to improve, and so I began to become a better gymnast. And then I kind of proved to myself that I could compete on an international stage and do well. So, I mean, obviously the Olympics were last year. I was able to watch and I become close with those Olympians, whether it’s through just National Team or some assignments. I took an unofficial trip to Stanford last year and I was able to get close with Brody [Malone] and so he’s always been a really good role model for me and resource when it comes to gymnastics experience. I’ll be moving to Florida in two weeks and then Sam Mikulak will be my coach. I went on my Germany trip with Yul [Moldauer], and he hung out with us a lot, so I’ve gotten to know him well and get pretty close with him. And then Shane [Wiskus], I’m also starting to get to know him well as well. So I think just knowing those guys and feeling welcomed by them, they’re great guys, and just thinking that I can do some skills that they can do and then just kind of pushing myself to be at their level, it’s going to help me achieve my dreams!

More from David Shamah coming soon to Inside Gymnastics!

Photos by Lloyd Smith for Inside Gymnastics

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