By Anna Rose Johnson

For many, Tchaikovsky’s brilliant Nutcracker Suite ballet has become a Christmas tradition. As the holiday season quickly approaches, we’re taking a look at some of the most balletic floor routines in the past ten years of gymnastics history. Join us for this fun stroll down memory lane as we remember the floor routines that remind us of unforgettable ballet performances!

Feature Photo by Lloyd Smith

2008 – Nastia Liukin

Now a historic classic, Liukin’s splendid gold medal-winning floor routine from Beijing possesses a glorious strength and grace that continues to resonate ten years later.

2010 – Ana Porgras

This gorgeous performance capitalizes on the lilting melody of the “Second Waltz” and showcases Porgras’ finesse and flexibility. Her ending pose is absolutely breathtaking!

2016 – Emily Gaskins

Combining multiple styles of dance into one memorable routine, USA’s Gaskins—a trained ballet dancer—mesmerizes audiences with her stunning poise and meticulous attention to detail.

2017 – Brooklyn Moors

We simply can’t praise this floor routine enough! Debuting last year and captivating gymnastics fans, this performance features sublime elegance coupled with Moors’s flawless expression and power.

2018 – Latalia Bevan

Creating a huge buzz earlier this year, Latalia Bevan of Wales stole the show at the Commonwealth Games with her Swan Lake floor routine. Performing spectacular spins and delicate leaps, Bevan has produced a masterpiece of artistry!

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