2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships | Who To Watch – Junior Women Competitor Play by Play

2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships | Who To Watch – Junior Women Competitor Play by Play

Starring in San Jose

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By Ashlee Buhler and Brittany Buhler with Christy Sandmaier contributing

The junior division in San Jose presents the stars of the future! With many of the athletes eligible for Paris 2024, the 2023 Xfinity U.S. Championships will serve as one of the final opportunities to see which junior gymnasts could make an impact in the coming year. New stars will emerge in San Jose and a new champion will be crowned as the quest to Paris continues.

Here we break down the field and take a closer look at the junior women we have on our “Must Watch” list at the 2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships.

Jayla Hang

(Pacific Reign)

Vitals: DOB: January 9, 2008 Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Career Highlights: 

  • 2023 Winter Cup: 1st Vault & Bars; 2nd All-Around; 3rd Floor 
  • 2023 Junior Worlds: 2nd Team; 4th All-Around
  • 2022 U.S. Championships: 1st Vault & Beam; 2nd All-Around; 3rd Bars
  • 2022 U.S. Classic: 1st All-Around & Vault; 3rd Floor 

The Storyline:  

Perhaps the face of the future, Jayla Hang exploded onto the scene in 2022 and is one of the favorites for the All-Around title. Jayla sat out the Core Hydration Classic due to rolling her ankle 8 weeks prior, but should be ready to go in San Jose! Keep your eyes peeled for her incredible Yurchenko double twist (she has been seen training an Amanar) and some other exciting upgrades including a back handspring tucked full on beam, and a double double and double layout on floor. 

Simone Rose

(Pacific Reign) 

Vitals: DOB: July 9, 2008 January 9, 2008 Hometown: Sammanish, WA 

Career Highlights: 

  • 2023 Winter Cup: 4th Floor; 7th All-Around
  • 2022 U.S. Championships: 8th Beam
  • 2022 U.S. Classic: 3rd Bars & Beam 

The Storyline:  

Alongside her training partner Jayla, Simone Rose is rising to the top! Now with a full year of Elite competition under her belt, a few upgrades in the works (Yurchenko double on vault and a full in on floor), and a stunning new floor routine, Simone will be vying for medals in her second U.S. Championship.

Hezly Rivera


Vitals: DOB: June 4, 2008 Hometown: Ordadell, NJ 

Career Highlights: 

  • 2023 Winter Cup: 1st All-Around, Beam & Floor
  • 2023 Junior World Championships: 2nd Team & Floor
  • 2022 U.S. Championships: 3rd Floor
  • 2022 U.S. Classic: 1st Beam; 2nd All-Around

The Storyline:  

Thanks to her stunning lines and picture perfect technique, it’s hard to look away when Hezly Rivera is competing. Another heavy favorite to win the All-Around title in San Jose, Hezly really is the complete package with strong execution and difficulty. The biggest question will be if she is healthy. Hezly told us prior to the Core Hydration Classic that she was dealing with a sore back and therefore wasn’t focused on competing on all four events in Hoffman Estates. However, her goal is to be ready to go in San Jose and if she’s healthy – watch out!

Audrey Snyder 

(First State Gymnastics) 

Vitals: DOB: April 11, 2008 Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Career Highlights: 

  • 2023 Winter Cup: 4th Beam
  • 2023 Jesolo Trophy: 1st Beam; 2nd All-Around & Bars; 3rd Vault 
  • 2022 U.S. Championships: 3rd Floor
  • 2022 U.S. Classic: 1st Beam; 2nd All-Around 

The Storyline:  

Audrey Snyder caught our attention last year with her stunning toe point and over-extended leaps and jumps. While she will be in the conversation for an All-Around podium finish in San Jose, watch for this rising star on beam as well because she can absolutely bring home the title! (Note: Snyder did withdraw from the Core Hydration Classic, so whether or not she will compete remains the biggest question.)

Kieryn Finnell


Vitals: DOB: April 9, 2008 Hometown: Pittsford, NY

Career Highlights: 

  • 2023 Core Hydration Classic: 1st All-Around & Beam; 2nd Floor
  • 2023 American Classic: 1st All-Around
  • 2023 Junior World Championship Alternate
  • 2022 U.S Classic: 1st Bars; 4th All-Around

The Storyline:  

Fresh off winning the All-Around title at the American Classic and Core Hydration Classic, Kieryn Finnell is quickly emerging as one of the top juniors in the U.S. She may not have the flashiest routines in terms of difficulty just yet, but what she does do, she does very well with clean execution and a sense of confidence that is rare to see in junior athletes.

Ella Kate Parker


Vitals: DOB: January 9, 2008 Hometown: West Monroe, LA

Career Highlights: 

  • 2022 DTB Pokal Cup: 1st Team; 3rd Floor 
  • 2022 Winter Cup: 1st All-Around & Beam; 2nd Vault 
  • 2021 U.S. Championships: 2nd Beam
  • 2021 Winter Cup: 1st All-Around; 2nd Beam

The Storyline:  

Perhaps one of the most experienced juniors in the field, Ella Kate Parker has been a fan favorite all quad. Some unfortunate luck with injuries and a gym switch back to CGA has made the past year a little bit rocky for Ella Kate, but she shined at the Core Hydration Classic, finishing 8th All-Around and 4th on beam, hitting four for four and punching her ticket to San Jose! Poise under pressure for sure! Ella Kate did have a slight hiccup on floor which kept her off the podium, but if she can carry the confidence she had in Hoffman Estates over to San Jose, she’ll certainly be in the conversation for a medal.

Tatum Drusch 

(Flips Gymnastics) 

Vitals: DOB: November 25, 2008 Hometown: White Bear Lake, MN

Career Highlights: 

  • 2023 Core Hydration Classic: 2nd All-Around 
  • 2023 American Classic: 1st Vault; 2nd All-Around 

The Storyline:  

A new face on the Elite scene, Tatum Drusch is a name you’re going to want to remember! So far she has had great success, finishing second All-Around at both the American Classic and the Core Hydration Classic, and her clean and consistent gymnastics is to thank for it! She swings bars with impeccable form and has plenty of room for upgrades in the future! Can Drusch make it three consecutive All-Around silvers in San Jose?  

Addy Fulcher

(Bull City Gymnastics) 

Vitals: DOB: October 18, 2010 Hometown: Gastonia, NC 

Career Highlights: 

  • 2023 Core Hydration Classic: 1st Floor; 3rd All-Around 
  • 2023 Nastia Cup: 1st All-Around & Bars

The Storyline:  

The ring leap queen! Addy Fulcher caught our attention in Hoffman Estates with her stunning flexibility and excellent presentation on floor (where she won gold, plus she grabbed the All-Around bronze). Fulcher’s performance at the Core Hydration Classic, along with her win at the Nastia Liukin Cup earlier this year, makes a strong argument for her potential to make a run for the podium in San Jose!

Photo credit: Lloyd Smith for Inside Gymnastics

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