There is a lot to love about college gymnastics: perfect 10s, viral routines, conference rivalries, weekend entertainment for three months straight and perhaps one of the greatest parts of all—the floor routines! It’s one of the most noticeable differences from the Elite world, where floor routines are often so packed with difficulty there isn’t much time (or energy left) to dance. In fact, we often see gymnasts holding back to reserve their energy, with some sections of choreography strategically crafted to allow the gymnast to catch their breath. With less skills to focus on, college provides more room for more creativity, playfulness, and entertainment. We often see gymnasts trying to embody a specific character and fully committing to it with their movements and facial expressions. So for all the gymnasts who take their performance to the next level, we salute you! 

Without further ado, here are 10 routines from this season that are so good, we just can’t stop watching! 

Chae Campbell | UCLA 

Is she doing a floor routine or performing as Beyoncé’s backup dancer? The movements in Chae’s choreography are not only incredibly advanced but so well performed—we really can’t tell! Major props to Chae for giving a performance worthy of a standing ovation every time she competes!

Gabby Wilson | Michigan 

With sky high tumbling and intricate choreography that tells a story, Gabby’s floor routine is the complete package! In this routine Gabby takes on the character of a street performer in a New York subway station who aspires to be on Broadway! Right before her second tumbling pass her talent finally gets noticed and she is handed a business card that turns her dream of performing on Broadway into a reality! 

Sekai Wright | UCLA 

Few gymnasts perform with the passion and energy that Sekai Wright does. (Seriously, this choreography is probably more effective than a Richard Simmons cardio workout!) Her routine is just downright fun and you can tell she is having the time of her life performing it! We dare you not to smile and dance along during this one!

Mya Hooten | Minnesota 

Gopher fans have loved watching Mya Hooten bring down the house with this routine in the anchor spot all season long! As magical as her routine is (she has earned three perfect 10s this season) the routine has an underlying message of empowerment that makes it even more impactful. Hooten’s routine, set to Beyoncé’s “Freedom,” has symbolic choreography such as pushing away the people who dislike the Black community and covering her mouth, “because sometimes we don’t have a voice,” Hooten told us. At one point she is down on her knees getting arrested, before finally breaking free. Hooten raises her fist in the air to signify one thing: “I’m proud of being Black,” she said.

Jordan Chiles | UCLA

We all knew Jordan Chiles could dance, but now that she’s in college, we get to see her let loose and express herself every time she takes to the floor. Whether it’s in her tumbling or her dance, Jordan doesn’t hold back and perhaps most importantly, she looks like she’s having the time of her life out there!

Skyla Schulte | Michigan State 

The confidence, the sass, the spark—Skyla Schulte has it all! Set to Todrick Hall’s “Nail, Hair, Hips, Heels” Skyla brings the energy with this routine and really engages the crowd in a way that we don’t typically see from a freshman! Everything about this routine is BIG from the tumbling to the dance and we can’t get enough of it! 

Brooklyn Moors | UCLA

This isn’t your stereotypical college floor routine, but Brooklyn Moors will pull you in and captivate you with her stunning choreography that really plays to the crowd! Her routine is the perfect mix of intense drama and playful sass—it really is hard to take your eyes off her! 

Claire Gagliardi | Ohio State 

Floor routines are supposed to be entertaining and Claire understands the assignment time and time again. We appreciate the commitment to a theme each year and the enthusiasm in which she performs. She’s so theatrical, you can’t help but smile! 

Derrian Gobourne | Auburn 

Derrian Gobourne gives off major queen energy with this routine! Maybe it’s the crown she places on her head at the start and end of her routine or maybe it’s the confidence in which she works the floor, either way there’s no doubt Derrian absolutely commands your attention and knows how to put on a show once she has it! 

Jordan Bowers | Oklahoma

Jordan Bowers brings the drama and intensity on floor—you can just feel it from the look in her eyes! Not many gymnasts can pull off such a serious routine in college, but Jordan absolutely nails it! 

Lead photo by Lloyd Smith for Inside Gymnastics

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