By Patricia Duffy

Simone Biles was #Goals before she became a pup-rent to Lilo the French Bulldog with boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr. Now, the Olympic Champion is balancing full-time training with being literal #FamGoals with Lilo and Stacey. Here are some of our favorite Simone and Lilo moments thus far!

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1. When she and boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr. introduced Lilo to the world with the cutest family photo!

Meet Lilo 🐾💗 follow her instagram

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2. When Valentine’s Day came around, and she gushed about her two favorites in the sweetest post.

The curls get me EVERY. TIME. 💗

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3. When Lilo rocked the puffer vest with the fur better than we ever have.

Had to paws for a quick pic after this morning’s walk 🐾

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4.  When Lilo joined her mom as an honorary Houston Texans cheerleader, and we wondered when she was going to don a leo and make a push for the Olympic team.

just trying to be like @simonebiles when can I cheer with the @texanscheerleaders ❤️

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5. When Lilo went to puppy jail for an undisclosed crime, and she threw major shade at her pup-rents.

it be ya own pup-rents ….. who put you in puppy jail

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6. When the Biles Invitational recruited Lilo as the unofficial mascot for the meet, and Simone, Stacey and Lilo officially became #FamGoals.

ready for the Biles Invitational ❤️ I have my favorite team on my back, Go WCC!!!

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7. When Lilo and Ashton Locklear’s Frenchie, Luna Locklear, had the ultimate play date at World Champions Centre while their moms [likely] trained together.

I had such a fun playdate with @lunalocklear

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And then Lilo and Luna quickly became BFFs and wreaked havoc on their moms’ slime experiment…

8. When Lilo celebrated National Unicorn Day in the ultimate Unicorn hoodie, and we wanted a human-sized one just like it.

monday💤 – anyone else feel grumpy?

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9. When 4-month-old Lilo enjoyed her first Puppuccino, and we cried tears of joy at the sight of such a sweet and pure moment.













10. When Simone, Stacey and Lilo once again proved they were #FamGoals with the ultimate family Easter pic.

Happy Easter 💛🌸

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BONUS: When Lilo met Stitch… #Crying













What are you favorite Lilo moments? Are Simone, Stacey and Lilo officially the “First Family” of gymnastics??? Comment and let us know your thoughts!

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