By Anna Rose Johnson

Elegance, power, musicality, expression, originality—these are elements that we’ve come to value in women’s NCAA gymnastics, and the harmony of these components make floor exercise a particularly special apparatus. We’ve chosen 10 of our favorite NCAA floor routines of 2018—the performances that best exemplify the creativity on the college stage today.

Feature Photo by Lloyd Smith

Hailey Burleson (Washington)

Burleson brings an abundance of artistic qualities to her lovely floor routine: outstanding flexibility, tidy tumbling and a fine attention to detail.

Video by Yarotska

Sarah Finnegan (LSU)

A true artist, Finnegan has presented a masterpiece to the NCAA with this routine. Each movement is worthy of a photograph, and Finnegan combines balletic excellence with fast-paced choreography.

Video by LSU Tiger TV

Myia Hambrick (LSU)

Hambrick has a commanding presence on floor exercise and possesses amazing amplitude in her leaps and tumbling passes. A senior at LSU, Hambrick is bringing her best to the NCAA scene in her final season.

Video by LSU Tiger TV

Emma McLean (Michigan)

Imbued with smiles, sky-high leaps and energetic dance, McLean’s floor routine has been a highlight for Michigan this season. Also: check out her powerful double tuck mount!

Video by NCAA Gymnastics

Makenna Merrell-Giles (Utah)

With long, elegant lines and crisp tumbling, Merrell-Giles has been stunning on floor all season long.  Her inventive exercise is definitely a crowd-pleaser—that magnificent straddle leap! The claps! The dynamism! It’s a fun routine.

Video by Yarotska

Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma)

Full of expression and energy, Maggie Nichols has been a fan favorite on floor for years. Her high, clean tumbling is punctuated by flawless landings, and this particular routine has a joyful exuberance that charms audiences.

Video by NCAA Gymnastics

Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA)

In this routine, UCLA’s Ohashi is a powerhouse of energy and sparkle. With each element seamlessly connected, Ohashi’s choreography marks a completely unique routine for this team of innovative floor workers.

Video by Yarotska

Elizabeth Price (Stanford)

Noted for her explosive tumbling on this apparatus, Price has always been incredible on floor. Her 2018 routine combines dramatic choreography and flexible leaps for a standout performance.

Video by NCAA Gymnastics

MyKayla Skinner (Utah)

Fun finger-snapping, clapping and a great connection to the music—Skinner’s floor exercise definitely has it all. And her double-double mount simply never gets old!

Video by Yarotska

Sabrina Vega (Georgia)

Hailed for her beautiful dance and artistry on each event, Sabrina Vega made a remarkable transition from elite to NCAA. This particular routine showcases Vega’s unique style and ability to tell a story through choreography.

Video by NCAA Gymnastics


Anna Rose Johnson writes about women’s artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. She loves Whippets, brownies, and full-twisting double layouts. Her writing portfolio can be viewed at: