By Anna Rose Johnson

In the latest installment of our “Fun Facts” series, we’ve caught up with USA’s Emma Malabuyo, a 16-year-old from Texas Dreams who recently won four medals at the 2019 Jesolo Trophy. In this quick Q&A, Malabuyo chats with us about the books she enjoys reading, the places she loves to travel, and her gymnastics role models!

Inside Gymnastics: What do you love most about elite gymnastics?
Emma Malabuyo: What I love most about elite gymnastics is having the opportunity to travel to different countries and compete internationally.  I love meeting and making new friends from all over the world.

Inside: What is your favorite color?
Emma: Turquoise

Inside: What is your favorite book?
Emma: The Sun is a Star and The Hunger Games

Inside: What is your favorite movie?
Emma: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Inside: What is your favorite place to travel?
Emma: I love traveling back to California to visit my friends and family. I also love vacationing in Hawaii.

Inside: What activities (outside the gym) do you enjoy?
Emma: I enjoy shopping, hanging out with friends, reading and taking naps.

Inside: What is your favorite food?
Emma: Pizza and sushi

Inside: What music do you love listening to? 
Emma: Pop, rap and alternative

Inside: Who are your gymnastics role models?
Emma: My coach, Kim Z., Peng-Peng Lee, and Kyla Ross

Inside: What is your favorite apparatus?
Emma: Beam and floor

Anna Rose Johnson writes about women’s artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. She loves Whippets, brownies, and full-twisting double layouts. Her writing portfolio can be viewed at: