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The Road to Paris has begun! Our August 2022 issue is jam-packed with all of the stars, skills and storylines shaping the competition for the men and the women at the U.S. Championships in August as we deliver your All-Access Pass – ones to watch, mad skills, predictions, quotes and more! 

Plus! We do a deep dive into USA Gymnastics’ new high performance leadership team: Alicia Sacramone Quinn, Chellsie Memmel and Dan Baker.

“Being in involved in that capacity and trying to make a difference – knowing the pluses and minuses of what I had in my career, knowing that I had a really good insight into the Elite program, training, judging and all of those different factors – I’ve been through so many different factors in my career – the amount of experience that I have, it was just a good time to make that transition, to continue to help make changes.” Chellsie Memmel on the reasons behind her decision to apply for the position

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From Level 10 and Beyond, Isabelle Roberts Shares Her Gymnastics Journey & Gymnastics Dreams

As Elite gymnasts across the country prepare for the U.S. Championships, young athletes everywhere are keeping watch on their favorites and dreaming of the future. In their hearts, maybe, just maybe, they’ll one day have the chance to soar like Simone, fly like Suni, dance like Nastia, or vault and tumble like MyKayla. Most of all, they’d love the opportunity to just try.

Level 10 gymnast Isabelle Roberts, affectionately known on social media as Gymnast Isabelle, is one of those athletes. She spends 30 hours in the gym every week working on her skills, conditioning like crazy and chasing her biggest dreams. She loves every minute. 

All In a Day’s Work

On a Thursday afternoon at Georgia All-Star Gymnastics just north of Atlanta, Isabelle is throwing Yurchenko layout after Yurchenko layout into the pit. It’s her second workout of the day after a morning session, a break for lunch in the lobby, and a chat with Inside Gymnastics. She’s a week away from attending USA Gymnastics’ Developmental Invite Camp in Texas. And she has big plans for it – placing as high as possible in Physical Abilities for one. 

Most often first on the floor for warm up, Isabelle uses every second of her time in the gym to be productive. Before all the lights even come back on, she’s stretching. Today, her younger sisters Madeline and Evelyn (who also do a little gymnastics), and her dad Josh also pop in to say hello before jetting off to their next activity. Around the corner, summer campers squeal with joy while running, jumping, and playing gymnastics. No doubt some of them have their eye on the vault, maybe creating a dream or two of their own.

Isabelle switches to Yurchenko fulls (still into the pit). They’re beautiful, lofty even. Toes pointed, legs straight. 

Her coach of three years, Jorgen Falk, stands close by. As we chat, he’s got his eyes on his three athletes, offering corrections and mostly encouragement. There’s no need for him to be tough on this group right now, they’re tough enough on themselves. Isabelle in particular, is extremely goal-driven and never satisfied. 

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Where Are They Now?

Kurt Thomas’ Legacy Lives On

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