The Commemorative Olympic Issue!

“United By Emotion”

The Sept/October 2021 issue of Inside Gymnastics magazine captures the sportsmanship, storylines and picture perfect moments of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!

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United By Emotion!

Russian Resurgence!

What Dreams Are Made Of – Suni Shines For Gold!

Team USA’s Silver Lining

Simone Beams for Bronze – Her Journey

…”Seeing her smile back (and her teammate Sunisa Leethe 2020 All-Around Champion, jump higher than anyone for her) was everything. It was the most picture perfect moment imaginable in a Games she was expected by some, to win six golds. Just by stepping on the podium today, she has forever distinguished herself not for what she has accomplished but for who she is. The fight she showed just to return to the final was an incredible achievement and a true testament to the Olympic motto – CitiusAltiusFortius – Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

Spotlights: Rebeca Andrade, Jade Carey, MyKayla Skinner, Hashimoto Daiki, and Sam Mikulak 

Saluting Champions! Your Olympic Gold Medalist Event Champions!

Our Commemorative Olympic Collector’s Edition Issue features all of the magic from Tokyo including the top storylines, stars and celebrations. Chock full of results and stats, you’ll see so much stunning photography, get the scoop on Chalking Up, the People, Places & Faces, and the Inside Buzz. It’s One for the Ages! 


Kokorokara no  kanshanokimeochi de.

In sincere gratitude.   

Thank you, Japan, for being so much more than a host. 

Thank you, Japan, for allowing lives to grow and souls to be nourished. 

For letting people find themselves when they did not even know they were lost.  

For showing a deep-seated and observable respect for your country and welcoming the world with plentiful open arms to enjoy as much of it as possible. 

To the volunteers that painted the town of Tokyo with smiles and goodwill, countless masks and gloves and temperature checks and gowns, we saw your warmth and graciousness through all of these layers.   

Thank you, athletes, for showing us peace and solidarity. 

Sports – not just competitions, but the art of physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of athletics – has power. The power to inspire generations, cultural groups, communities and countries. The power to heal a fractured world and allow people to have faith. To hope, to cheer, to rally behind something greater than sadness and isolation. 

“Sport has the power to change the world. Sports can create hope where there was once only despair.” – Nelson Mandela, you certainly were right. 

Until We Meet Again in Paris…


Gold Over America Tour Preview!

+ All of our regular features including:

Chalking Up – A Finals of Firsts

Breaking Down the Code – Guan ChenChen (CHN)

Shannon Says with Shannon Miller

In the Know with John Roethlisberger

& More!!!

Photos by Ricardo Bufolin for Inside Gymnastics

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