The November/December 2018 issue of Inside Gymnastics magazine features all of the best storylines and gymnasts from the 2018 World Championships, including some of the top gymnasts on the cover! We relive the whirlwind that was #DohaGym2018 with stunning photography, intriguing stories and more! PLUS, Breaking Down the Code returns, and we outline the 2020 Olympic qualification schedule!

Feature Photo by Grace Chiu


Simone Biles: An International Treasure

Simone Biles is beloved by the gymnastics community and beyond for more than just her mad skills. The real treasure, sometimes overshadowed by all the gold, is her unfiltered, no-holds-barred attitude that is sometimes serious, sometimes funny and always fun to watch.

Artur’s Coronation

It was years in the making as setback after setback kept Russia’s Artur Dalaloyan from reaching his true potential, making his meteoric rise to stardom in Doha that much more epic. Check out this timeline of Artur’s career from the beginning to now!

Passing the Torch

The women of the red, white and blue are breathing life into this new era of U.S. gymnastics, proving you can have fun and still dominate.

Special Section: A Salute to the 2018 World Champions


Breaking Down the Code, 2020 Olympic Qualification Schedule and more!

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