Dominique Dawes’ New Dream! The APRIL 2021 issue of Inside Gymnastics features an in-depth interview with the Olympic Gold Medalist, mom and new gym owner!

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In our April 2021 issue of Inside Gymnastics we go in-depth with three-time Olympian, gold medalist and new gym owner Dominique Dawes whose passionate drive for change is creating a safe, healthy culture at her gym in Clarksburg, MD, in the feature: “Aspiring to Inspire” Through Change – Dominique Dawes’ New Dream

“I never thought this would be a path that I would take. Not only because of the time and the financial commitment but of what I would battle, because the culture that I am pushing out there is completely the opposite culture I came from. I’ve been honest about my feelings about USA Gymnastics and about my journey. It’s not embraced. No one wants to admit that these young athletes, these minors, have been treated this way. It’s been a unique journey. It does feel like a battle, but I can feel at peace with my motivation. I know what my goal is and I feel comfortable with my kids in this beautiful sport that I truly am passionate about.” – Dominique Dawes

The issue also features:

Winter Cup Solidifies Super Hero Status: Our reflections on the competition in Indianapolis plus an interview with women’s senior champion Jordan Chiles.

Countdown to Tokyo – Take 2! – Sam Mikulak and Sunisa Lee Weigh in on the latest Games’ protocol.

Plus! An interview with Mental Performance Coach Ashley Eckermann, MS: “I go by a number of titles: sport psychology consultant, performance coach, mental skills coach, mental coach, performance psychology expert, sport injury specialist, but ultimately, I teach clients to be more competitive by learning strategies that help them cope with emotion or adversity. I help people perform stronger.”


USGSA Spotlight: What You Need to Know!

+ All of our regular features including:

Chalking Up – featuring Nastia Liukin Cup Senior Champion Leah Smith

Breaking Down the Code – featuring Konnor McClain

Summer Camp Fashion Finds

Shannon Says with Shannon Miller

In the Know with John Roethlisberger

The Inside Buzz

& More!!!

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