In what’s become an annual tradition, we’ll name our picks for the 50 Most Photogenic gymnasts in the world in our February issue! Always a reader fave, we showcase our class of 2017 with stunning images from our talented photographers. Plus, we look ahead to the New Quad, spotlighting those who may make their mark in Tokyo in 2020. The issue includes our 2017 Summer Camp Directory to get your planning process started!

50 Most Photogenic
Nothing captures the grace, athleticism and artistry of our sport like a photograph. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousands words is oh-so-true in gymnastics! Who will make the list? Who will grace the cover? We can’t wait for you to see the breath-taking photos of the class of 2017!

Take a look at our video feature on last year’s 50 Most Photogenic Issue covergirl, Eythora Thorsdottir of The Netherlands:

A New Quad Begins
With the Rio glitter and chalk settling, fans are excited to see who will emerge as the next stars! Who will surprise us? Who are your early favorites for Tokyo? We’ll let you know our picks, who’s trending and who our fans are buzzing about!

Trending, 6,5,4,3,2…
Fans around the globe continue to debate the two per country rule (TPC) in which the top highest placing gymnasts per country advance from the qualification round to All-around finals, and the reduction of the teams from five to four on social media and in the stands. We look at the trends, the history and what 2020 has in store!

Summer Camp Directory
Summer Camps is the perfect time to learn new skills, make new memories and refresh motivation! We’ll get you Thinking Ahead to Camp with our list of camps and just what to plan for!

In the Zone
Getting prepared for the perfect 2017 season, Gina Pongetti Angeletti, MPT shows us the perfect technique for handstands, the basis for all things perfect in gymnastics!


All of our regular features including Inside Buzz, Chalking Up, Opinion Line In the Know with John Roethlisberger, People, Places and Faces, Opinion Line Shannon Says with Shannon Miller, Industry Insider, Freeze Frame, Picture Perfect and Final Dismountall with stunning photos!

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