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Inside Gymnastics is the all-new, all-access features magazine for today’s gymnast, coach and fan! If you truly want to be on the "inside track" of the most popular Olympic sport, Inside Gymnastics magazine is your all-access pass!

With a combination of feature profiles on the most popular athletes as well as those who are “on the verge,” Inside Gymnastics takes you inside the lives of the world’s best athletes, both on and off the competition floor.

Our Editorial Team as well as our Featured Columnists weigh in on all of the hot topics in the sport with candid commentary. Among the contributors to the magazine are Olympians Shannon Miller, John Roethlisberger, Jaycie Phelps and Svetlana Boguinskaia.

If you love stunning gymnastics photography, just wait until you flip through the pages of Inside Gymnastics magazine! From our Picture Perfect segment where we highlight the most artistic gymnasts today to our Freeze Frame feature which breaks down routines and skills in a photo frame-by-frame sequence, to our dynamic images throughout our feature segments, our photos tell a story all their own. Plus, look for center spread mini-posters and special commemorative posters throughout the year.

From National Championships to the World Championships and the Olympic Games, we bring you the personalities and the storylines that headline the sports top events.

People, Places & Faces; Junior Gymnast; Chalking Up; News, Notes & Quotes; Final Dismount and so much more are found in each jam-packed issue of the magazine.

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